New York Jets Tweets – December 25, 2012

  • Marcus Dixon

    Yeah that's why I'm the BIG Brother!!! πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ˜πŸ‘ŽπŸ’ͺπŸ˜ŽπŸπŸ”«πŸ’°" class="external">

    7:59PM EST

  • Marcus Dixon

    β€œ@JoshElkin: @MarcusDixon94 wassup Mr. February! lol" class="external">” lol too funny

    6:47PM EST

  • Marcus Dixon

    β€œ@desertlil1: @MarcusDixon94 Merry Christmas gorgeous” thank you and same to you

    6:31PM EST

  • Marcus Dixon

    β€œ@A4CNYC: @MarcusDixon94 - you must have put some thought behind your gifts :-)” lol I did

    6:30PM EST

  • Braylon Edwards

    Come on Jamal with the Christmas sploogie" class="external">

    6:29PM EST

  • Damon Harrison

    I know I'm livin like I know when it's coming but I'm living cuz I know that's its coming...

    6:26PM EST

  • Austin Howard

    Wishing everyone a blessed and merry Christmas!!!

    6:26PM EST

  • Marcus Dixon

    Really feels good to surprise loved ones with gifts and when they really love the gift it’s even better!!! #Christmas

    6:24PM EST

  • Marcus Dixon

    β€œ@OnlyHenti: @MarcusDixon94 Merry Christmas to u too. Tell the fam I said hey.” Same to you and yours too. They still call u sunshine lmao

    6:16PM EST

  • Marcus Dixon

    β€œ@OnlyHenti: @MarcusDixon94 appreciate the support bro, already! DNA 4 Life.” No prob bro

    6:15PM EST

  • Marcus Dixon

    β€œ@_BOSS_Material_: All thanks to my big brother… Got to love him @MarcusDixon94 thanks for everything… πŸ˜˜πŸŽπŸŽ…πŸŽ„β€ you’re welcome

    6:15PM EST

  • Damon Harrison

    Troubles don't last always one day we all gotta be gone...

    6:11PM EST

  • Damon Harrison

    One day you here and then you gone...

    6:11PM EST

  • Julian Posey

    I Hope Everyone Has Ppl to Spend This Joyous Time of the Year With Family, Friends,Associates,Loved Ones... #MerryChristmas From #38Special

    6:08PM EST

  • Braylon Edwards

    See Rihanna court side at the laker game smh that woman is gorgeous

    5:30PM EST

  • Ellis Lankster

    Follow @iamSB3 @cariecep @INKCEO @Steiny31

    5:07PM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Jets starting QB in 2013 is ...: For the first time since 2009, the Jets will head into the offseason with ..." class="external"> #nyj

    5:01PM EST

  • Ellis Lankster

    Merry Christmas #Jetfans #WVU.................Hope you all r having a good Christmas thus far..

    4:53PM EST

  • Josh Baker

    β€œ@karl234887: Happy birthday to @ShakeNbakes45!!! Hope all is well this holiday season!” Thanks man merry Xmas to you and yours.

    4:49PM EST

  • Seth Walder

    To all my followers, crazed Jets fans and normal people alike, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. #nyj

    2:52PM EST

  • Conor Orr

    Happy Holidays to everyone out there. Appreciate all the interaction and insight from everyone that makes this job so much fun!

    1:03PM EST

  • kenrick Ellis

    Merry Christmas!!!! #jetsnation

    12:38PM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Rex: Sure, I'm loyal -- what's the big deal?: Rex Ryan freely admits that he's a loyal guy. Just not to a..." class="external"> #nyj

    11:48AM EST

  • Jeff Cumberland

    Merry Christmas from #JetsNation!

    11:13AM EST

  • Tim Tebow

    Matthew 1:21 - She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins. #MerryCHRISTmas

    10:33AM EST

  • Nick Bellore

    You'll shoot your eye out!!

    10:31AM EST

  • New York Jets

    Happy Holidays from the New York Jets." class="external">

    10:29AM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    Merry Christmas to all. May God bless you and your families.... and remember that there's more important things than a QB depth chart.

    9:35AM EST

  • Marcus Dixon

    Merry Christmas! God Bless you and much love to you and your family from me and my family!πŸ˜‰

    9:34AM EST

  • Laron Landry

    Merry Christmas to all from my fam to yours.. #turnup

    9:18AM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    Rex Ryan says there was plenty of blame to go around for 11 sacks Jets allowed in Greg McElroy's 1st career start" class="external"> #nyj

    9:04AM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    Bondy: Rex Ryan is all but counting the days until Tim Tebow is no longer on the Jets. Column:" class="external"> #nyj

    8:58AM EST

  • Woody Johnson

    Merry Christmas

    8:35AM EST

  • Brian Costello

    Merry Christmas tweeps. Thanks for following this year.

    8:32AM EST

  • Braylon Edwards

    Damn so black men can't get a cab in New York. Smh this is terrible

    4:51AM EST

  • Sione Pouha

    My and the Neph Jon puttn in that #lastminutewrapping." class="external">

    3:29AM EST

  • Braylon Edwards

    Merry Christmas to everyone

    12:12AM EST

  • Damon Harrison

    Merry Christmas to all!!! And to all a good night!!!

    12:01AM EST