New York Jets Tweets – February 4, 2013

  • Demario Davis

    Life is a battle with spirits that you can't even see.... Most of us playing with the wrong equipment, it's a whole different ball game.

    11:40PM EST

  • Damon Harrison

    Make em think they fooling u...just give em the poker face😶...while laughing on the inside hahaha

    11:39PM EST

  • Demario Davis

    I'm just trying to separate the truth from the lies.

    11:37PM EST

  • Demario Davis

    I ain't Dr. King; he ain't the only one with a dream....

    11:26PM EST

  • Demario Davis

    If a person knew they were going the wrong way, You think they wouldn't turn around? Maybe you don't realize you're ..." class="external">

    11:25PM EST

  • Damon Harrison

    What u do in the dark comes to the light...ain't no way around it 👀🔦

    11:23PM EST

  • Demario Davis

    I just wanna see change... Not all of us built the same.

    11:22PM EST

  • Josh Bush

    Thoughts..." class="external">

    9:15PM EST

  • Woody Johnson

    Great day celebrating Ed Koch. Mayor Bloomberg's remarks were heartfelt and right on target. Ed would be proud of all the kind words today.

    8:58PM EST

  • Jim Leonhard

    Happy Birthday. “@briar_james: @jimleonhard Today is my Birthday! May I get RT or Reply to make my day more heavenly :) GO BRONCOS!”

    7:02PM EST

  • Aaron Maybin

    Happy birthday #rosaparks #aaronmaybinart #badass #dopeartdealer #blackhistorymonth #tribute" class="external">

    6:35PM EST

  • Josh Bush

    If you could see the eyes that hide behind these shades...

    6:28PM EST

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    I-95 South for a few hrs

    6:20PM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    Sept. 24, 2005: Princeton beats San Diego, 20-17. After game, Jim Harbaugh, unsolicited, says he got a lot bad calls from "Ivy League refs"

    3:42PM EST

  • Conor Orr

    Source said there has not been any time to review possibilities for 2014 halftime show as of yet.

    2:37PM EST

  • Conor Orr

    Spoke to source w/ 2014 SB committee who said there have not been any discussions abt cancelling 2014 halftime show b/c of weather concerns

    2:35PM EST

  • Josh Bush

    @MrLandry30 big timing me I see! Lol

    1:29PM EST

  • Quinton Coples

    She the one if u argue fight and break up with her but still have to get a valentines gift.....#RealLove

    1:24PM EST

  • Quinton Coples

    Good afternoon let go and let God and Grind Hard....

    1:19PM EST

  • Laron Landry

    Get ready world #meatNpotatoes #Laroning invades #ESPNFirsttake this Wednesday.... yeeeerrrrrrr

    1:15PM EST

  • Nick Bellore

    I hope everyone enjoyed my commercial cameo last night!!!" class="external">

    12:36PM EST

  • Conor Orr

    RT @Kristieackert: For some reason former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum is at Nets practice.

    12:19PM EST

  • Brian Costello

    he is studying how other teams do things. met with NYK RT@Kristieackert: For some reason former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum is at Nets practice.

    12:18PM EST

  • Seth Walder

    RT @Kristieackert: For some reason former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum is at Nets practice.

    12:18PM EST

  • New York Jets

    After a few weeks of preparation, the 2013 regular season officially starts today." class="external">

    11:41AM EST

  • Brian Costello

    Great job by NOLA airport. Do not have to take shoes off or remove laptop from bag at security. Pay attention NYC airports!

    8:21AM EST

  • Brian Costello

    Things that only happen at airport the day after the Super Bowl: standing in line at Smoothie King with Franco Harris

    8:05AM EST

  • Brian Costello

    The security line at NO airport this morning is approximately 10 miles long. I'm actually in the terminal next to the one I need

    7:13AM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    Lupica: MVP Joe Flacco and Baltimore Ravens triumph in amazing win over 49ers at Superdome Read more:" class="external">

    5:51AM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    Ravens survive one of wildest & wackiest 2nd halves in Super Bowl history to beat the 49ers, 34-31 & become champions" class="external">

    5:50AM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Positional analysis: Quarterback: The 2012 season came to an end Sunday night with Super Bowl XLVII, so we ..." class="external"> #nyj

    5:16AM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Video: Super Bowl XLVIII weather report:" class="external"> #nyj

    2:19AM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    Four more than Jeff Fisher and the Titans RT @JosinaAnderson: The 49ers were 5 yards away.......5

    1:32AM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    Joe Flacco is a TEST grad. Better be a monument in Martinsville now! RT @TEST_Football: @MMehtaNYDN another @TEST_Football ...#BEAST

    1:25AM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    It's fitting that the image that hangs outside the Superdome on this night is the Super Bowl MVP... Joe Flacco: #sb47" class="external">

    1:11AM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    SF passed on 7 of 11 plays inside 10, incl 2-pt conv. Kaepernick 0-for-5, 2 sax, per @ESPNStatsInfo. Before Sun, SF ran NFL-high 70% ins 10.

    12:23AM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Flacco was 7-for-13, 171 yds, 2 TDs on throws of 10+ yards, per @ESPNStatsInfo. Money. #SB47

    12:15AM EST