New York Jets Tweets – February 11, 2013

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    RT @JayMrRealEstate: #Mentoring retreat w/ @CthaGod & @MoWilkerson! Dinner donated by (cont)" class="external">

    11:24PM EST

  • Greg McElroy

    How I Met Your Mother.... Best show on tv?

    11:20PM EST

  • Demario Davis

    Truth is truth, no matter who tells it....

    10:55PM EST

  • Darrelle Revis

    Headed out to eat with the Nike family!!!

    10:47PM EST

  • Greg McElroy

    Watched @JoelOsteen last night. Amazing message! Been so inspired all day. Empty picture frame, what do I want to fill it with?

    9:56PM EST

  • Braylon Edwards

    Havent hooped in a while, might shoot a few after my workout tomorrow. Who has the best run in/round detroit?

    8:45PM EST

  • Braylon Edwards

    Watched the Jackson 5 movie today...Joe was a mean mofo lol. He said "Who left the towel in the pool?!" Bout to whoop em lol

    8:34PM EST

  • Damon Harrison

    You are only as strong as the company u keep...association brings about simulation

    8:32PM EST

  • Austin Howard

    Lets get my baby girl Larissa on twitter, shes a little scared Haha.... #TakeThePlunge @ Larissa Johnson

    8:30PM EST

  • Nick Bellore

    Copped my EDC tix!

    7:40PM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Thomas enters court-sponsored program: After an arrest for assaulting his wife in October, Jets linebacker ..." class="external"> #nyj

    6:54PM EST

  • Austin Howard

    I gotta make my way to check out Legos and Nerf next I think.... #BigKid" class="external">

    6:04PM EST

  • Conor Orr

    A two-time #jets WR RT @ProFootballTalk: Mardy Gilyard lands in Kansas City" class="external">

    5:59PM EST

  • Austin Howard

    They love em out here... 20 ft high" class="external">

    5:54PM EST

  • Austin Howard

    Fighting crime w the power rangers!!! Haha" class="external">

    5:50PM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Jets QB possibilities, minus Vick: Michael Vick was never seriously in the mix to come to the Jets, and now..." class="external"> #nyj

    5:46PM EST

  • Seth Walder

    Tannenbaum on personnel convos with Rex: "He’ll be looking for defensive players that’s for sure. So just be prepared with your list." #nyj

    5:38PM EST

  • Seth Walder

    Mike Tannenbaum just spoke on NBC Sports Network. Stuck mostly to non-answers -- wouldn't discuss what Jets should ask for Revis. #nyj

    5:37PM EST

  • New York Jets

    Thomas Jones set a franchise record for TDs scored by an individual running back, tallying 14 in the 2009 regular season. #JetsStats

    5:07PM EST

  • Marcus Dixon


    4:23PM EST

  • Josh Bush

    Where my trainer @ksteng12 at though?!?! I need a leg workout and core!!

    3:55PM EST

  • Austin Howard

    Heading to the Javits Center in NYC to support my girl Larissa and her company North Star Games. #ToyFair

    3:50PM EST

  • Conor Orr

    How a few moves made around the league today could impact the #jets roster in 2013 |" class="external">

    3:35PM EST

  • Austin Howard

    A little foggy in NYC today I would say... can't even see the city from Lincoln Harbor..." class="external">

    3:25PM EST

  • Braylon Edwards

    My Birthday party is in Michigan March 2nd. Join me for a night of sophistication. Contact @Larnell214 for details." class="external">

    3:13PM EST

  • Braylon Edwards

    Hope yall have a great start to your week. Lets try to make this one better than the last. Continue to progress and LETS be great!

    3:08PM EST

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    Workout done for the day

    2:53PM EST

  • Conor Orr

    The @starledger's Ben Horowitz has a full write up on Bryan Thomas' hearing today #nyj #jets |" class="external">

    2:50PM EST

  • Conor Orr

    Every channel, every day. RT @RapSheet Former #Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum will visit the @NFLNetwork studios on Thursday to be an on-air guest

    1:59PM EST

  • Brian Costello

    “@RapSheet: Former #Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum will visit the @NFLNetwork studios on Thursday to be an on-air guest.” Sounds like a tryout

    1:58PM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Job hunting? RT @RapSheet Former #Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum will visit the @NFLNetwork studios on Thursday to be an on-air guest.

    1:57PM EST

  • Seth Walder

    Chip Kelly on QB situation: "There’s an open competition. Nick (Foles) knew every step of the way what we were doing."

    1:35PM EST

  • Conor Orr

    Bryan Thomas will avoid charges upon completion of pre trial intervention program. Lawyer says he's rehabbing injuries, in good spirits.

    12:53PM EST

  • New York Jets

    Jets fans, which games are you most excited to see in 2013?" class="external">

    12:16PM EST

  • Conor Orr

    From the guy who helped hire Idzik: MT @JedHughesKF: My latest column on similarities between Idzik and Alderson." class="external">

    11:53AM EST

  • Conor Orr

    RT @AdamSchefter: Biggest off-season QB domino already has fallen: Eagles have re-signed Michael Vick to a one-year deal for 2013 season.

    11:48AM EST

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    (Made with tweegram App)" class="external">

    10:36AM EST

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    Morning world!!!

    10:33AM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Positional analysis: Defensive line: This is part six in a nine-part analysis of the Jets -- a position-by-..." class="external"> #nyj

    5:33AM EST