New York Jets Tweets – February 17, 2013

  • Josh Bush

    Dominos gave us a nice looking pizza....without cutting it though!!!!! Lmao" class="external">

    11:53PM EST

  • Sione Pouha

    This is a blessing for my little family #churchwithmom #bornofgoodlyparents #dadissmilingdown" class="external">

    11:16PM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    5 > 1.... #Kobe

    11:14PM EST

  • Sione Pouha

    “@BigDame900: @Pouha91 lol I see u got jokes Bo...let me get something u cooking then I'm sure it's healthy 💥🔫” u know me to well.

    10:44PM EST

  • Nick Folk

    #worstcooks in America on the food network is absolutely hilarious.

    10:14PM EST

  • Austin Howard

    Haha why do they have Kevin Hart sitting next to Shaq??? #InsultToInjury

    10:10PM EST

  • Damon Harrison

    Got purple & orange on ignore the Clemson Tiger paw @Sapp55 know Im a Bayou Bengal, it matches the shirt @Kcoach99 😁" class="external">

    9:21PM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    Ne-Yo singing in between intros of NBA All Star game is the single worst idea in the history of all-star games.

    8:32PM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    LOL RT @AndrewSiciliano: Does this game have bottle service and a VIP area?

    8:30PM EST

  • Darrelle Revis

    Warren Buffett's Ten Rules!!!" class="external">

    8:09PM EST

  • Damon Harrison

    @Pouha91 lol I see u got jokes Bo...let me get something u cooking then I'm sure it's healthy 💥🔫

    7:56PM EST

  • Sione Pouha

    “@BigDame900: Need a good place to go eat at in New Jersey...somebody help please” Panera Bread.

    7:09PM EST

  • Greg McElroy

    "No way the kid on Blank Check can afford all that sweet stuff.." -@BigAut50

    6:48PM EST

  • Demario Davis

    “@RepChrist24: Bad news...we were born in sin. Good news...we can be born again.”

    6:32PM EST

  • Greg McElroy

    Butterfly Effect on demand?? Yes sir..

    6:08PM EST

  • Julian Posey


    4:06PM EST

  • Julian Posey

    Happy Birthday to The #GOAT & #OMIPITW #MJ50 (MIPITW=One of the Most Inspirational People In The World) #IWannaBeLikeMike

    4:03PM EST

  • Aaron Maybin

    Happy bday Mj. Intensity....#michaeljordan #airjordan #likemike #23 #aaronmaybinart #artlife #mj…" class="external">

    3:38PM EST

  • Josh Bush

    I need some ppl to follow in IG...I keep seeing the same ppl post pictures

    2:56PM EST

  • Laron Landry

    Happy bday MJ" class="external">

    2:15PM EST

  • Quinton Coples

    Michael Jordan played against Kinston High at K High his senior year at Laney.... #KinstonFact

    2:00PM EST

  • Damon Harrison

    Need a good place to go eat at in New Jersey...somebody help please

    1:33PM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    RT @AlbertBreer NFL is adding new aptitude test it developed to combine this week, as a counterpart to the Wonderlic." class="external">

    1:29PM EST

  • Quinton Coples

    Happy Birthday to MJ....TARHEEL Frat Brother and Legend

    1:28PM EST

  • Quinton Coples

    Had a good breakfast this morning to start off my week of great preparation....

    1:24PM EST

  • Quinton Coples

    Happy Sunday world relax and thank God for life......

    1:23PM EST

  • Aaron Maybin

    baddiebey piece in the works...#aaronmaybinart #beyonce #queenbey #dopeartdealer #artlife #nawden…" class="external">

    1:19PM EST

  • Brian Costello

    I really feel bad for all the baseball writers in Florida who are cold this morning. No, really I do. #shutup

    9:53AM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Sunday notes: The QB predicament, the cost of Revis, a peek at free agency and more. #Jets" class="external">

    9:44AM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Sunday notes: A challenging QB market: We're back after a one-week hiatus, looking at the Jets and around t..." class="external"> #nyj

    5:41AM EST

  • Josh Bush

    @YouAreFree146 DDU lol

    2:35AM EST

  • Demario Davis

    S/o to everybody that's still up and pumping right now. You won't believe why I'm up and still turned up. It's #cray

    2:16AM EST

  • Sione Pouha

    “@fijdog: 2 days till the release of Born&Raised II -The Rebirth-” Can't Wait!!!

    12:52AM EST

  • Jeff Cumberland

    Thanks to @BBVACompass for the hospitality tonight in their suite! #AllStarWeekend" class="external">

    12:11AM EST