New York Jets Tweets – February 27, 2013

  • Braylon Edwards

    In the words of ice cube " today was a good day"

    11:54PM EST

  • Braylon Edwards

    Meant big ten for all you spelling bee champs out there

    11:30PM EST

  • Braylon Edwards

    Tough loss tonight but it proves that the big team is the conference to envy this year.Unlike college football we will see you in the tourny

    11:29PM EST

  • Braylon Edwards

    Thanks to my brotha Kerry Rhodes for hitting me back. I needed that brotha

    11:01PM EST

  • Demario Davis

    "Men you can't expect a woman to submit to you, if you haven't submitted to God." ~DD~

    10:50PM EST

  • Ellis Lankster

    All I can say is  Jesus...

    10:42PM EST

  • Ellis Lankster

    Working hard now only two from last year have to get harder Bigg" class="external">

    10:39PM EST

  • Braylon Edwards

    Kerry rhodes if you get this tweet or anybody passes this to you you need to hit me up simple as that...grown man shit

    10:18PM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    At Combine, Jets brass didn't only meet with agents who rep FAs. They typically catch up with agents of key players each year. #nyj

    10:06PM EST

  • Nick Folk

    Headed to @lakings tonight with @gfolk2 @TaylorCanel and my little bro, Erik. @bretthayes12 don't be jealous!

    9:24PM EST

  • Brian Costello

    @RichCimini @kristieackert my life surrounded by Syracuse jokers. Surprised @KMart_LI hasn't chimed in yet

    8:55PM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    @BrianCoz Penn State has a basketball team?

    8:51PM EST

  • Brian Costello

    Nice win for Penn State hoops team

    8:42PM EST

  • Laron Landry

    What's on tonight?

    8:27PM EST

  • Julian Posey

    “@CurrenSy_Spitta:" class="external">” @JoshKaddu

    8:07PM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Jets hot for Brady Quinn?: On ESPN's "NFL32" show, colleague Chris Mortensen mentioned the possibility of..." class="external"> #nyj

    8:00PM EST

  • Julian Posey

    “@JAofPBTC: @MiamiDolphins and @JoshKaddu w/ South Olive Community Ctr @westpalmbch Bullying @PrimeTimePBC" class="external">

    7:56PM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    The Jets are interested in re-signing S LaRon Landry (no surprise), but he's expected to hit the FA market. #Jets

    7:48PM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Miguel Maysonet: Small school, big dream. Brought people to their feet at scouting combine -- kinda." class="external"> @SBAthletics

    7:31PM EST

  • Conor Orr

    @BrianCoz: Every Cordarrelle, Every Day.

    7:02PM EST

  • Brian Costello

    How many trades in this? MT @ConorTOrr: Mike Tannenbaum has a mock draft on" class="external">|" class="external">

    6:51PM EST

  • Conor Orr

    Mike Tannenbaum has a mock draft on" class="external"> He says #Jets are taking Cordarrelle Patterson. |" class="external">

    6:49PM EST

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    Real is god

    6:24PM EST

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    What love got to do with it when u don't even love yourself

    6:17PM EST

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    Kendrick Lamar ft Anna wise- Real

    6:12PM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Smith to KC, one less QB on market: The Jets never showed interest in former 49ers QB Alex Smith, who rep..." class="external"> #nyj

    6:05PM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    If you're the Jets, would you trade Revis to the 49ers for the 31st and 34th picks? Interesting. #Jets" class="external">

    5:59PM EST

  • Josh Bush

    I'm inspired by many things..." class="external">

    5:44PM EST

  • New York Jets

    What are the Jets draft & free-agency plans for 2013? EA answers those questions and more here -" class="external">

    5:22PM EST

  • Josh Bush

    Might release a new song today...what y'all think?!

    5:07PM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Alex Smith note: Last 10 QBs drafted by Chiefs have combined for grand total of ZERO wins as KC starter, per @ESPNStatsInfo. #QBgraveyard

    5:02PM EST

  • Nick Folk

    “@FoodNetwork: Glad you're enjoying #WorstCooks! How do ur skills compare” My food has never made me gag b4. But some lessons would be nice.

    5:01PM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Miguel Maysonet's road to NFL draft, part 2: The combine. Took #Giants psyche test, 380 Qs. Q: Beethoven or Picasso?" class="external">

    4:44PM EST

  • Darrelle Revis

    The black/electric green Air Jordan Retro 3's!!! #jumpman23 #nikefamily #justdoit" class="external">

    4:27PM EST

  • New York Jets

    EA got the chance to talk with Head Coach Rex Ryan about the NFL Scouting Combine and the upcoming draft class -" class="external">

    3:08PM EST

  • Julian Posey

    We Grind Daily Bc They Just Wanna C You F_€£ it All Up, Turn-Over Make You Give the Ball up...

    2:36PM EST

  • Conor Orr

    On Alex Smith, the Chiefs and the #Jets in free agency |" class="external">

    2:28PM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    No team will give up multiple picks for 1-yr rental MT @TheRealKelito 49ers wouldn't need to pay Revis until '14. Might rent him for SB run

    1:52PM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    De facto no-trade. If Revis doesn't want 2 play for team, he won't agree to sign long-term deal RT ‏@KellyGallie Revis has veto rights? #nyj

    1:49PM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    Keep in mind that 49ers will likely have to pay some of their key players (like Kaepernick) to lucrative long-term deals in coming yrs #nyj

    1:44PM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    Keep in mind that 49ers will likely have to pay sign of their key players (like Kaepernick) to lucrative long-term deals in coming yrs #nyj

    1:43PM EST

  • Josh Bush

    What's a good movie that's out?!?!

    1:42PM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    Any team, including 49ers, first needs to come to terms on parameters of long-term deal with Revis camp before any trade is made. #nyj

    1:40PM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    49ers certainly have draft picks to make deal for Darrelle Revis. (They already did before Alex Smith deal). But that's only 1/2 of equation

    1:38PM EST

  • Braylon Edwards

    Not gone lie, @Larnell214 got me excited about our Bday party Saturday! My last weekend partying til full grind mode too. Whos coming?

    1:24PM EST

  • Conor Orr

    RT @JayGlazer: Deal has been agreed upon between Chiefs and 49ers for Alex Smith

    12:12PM EST

  • Braylon Edwards

    Saw this quote & instantly thought of football & life. "You don't stop playing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop playing."

    11:48AM EST

  • Josh Bush

    What's up ppl?! Talk to me!!

    11:47AM EST

  • Josh Bush

    Just posted a photo" class="external">

    11:44AM EST

  • Josh Bush

    Hallmark Card?!? Lmao kwhite262" class="external">

    11:25AM EST

  • New York Jets

    Which combine event did you most enjoy?

    11:00AM EST

  • Nick Bellore

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “@HuffingtonPost: That's a fail, Bed Bath & Beyond" class="external">

    10:52AM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    Jets have had discussions & made it known that they'd like re-sign S LaRon Landry. Unknown at this pt how much he'll command on open market

    10:35AM EST

  • Laron Landry

    Wdup world

    10:32AM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Good news: Safety in numbers: The scouting combine wrapped up Tuesday with the cornerback and safety dril..." class="external"> #nyj

    10:23AM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    There is no chance Revis will get new contract from #Jets before draft. Wouldn't rule out a trade, but team seems intent to let it play out.

    10:18AM EST

  • Rich Cimini

    Latest on Darrelle Revis: #Jets not talking to his agents, but they talked to other teams at combine -- i.e. trade." class="external">

    10:15AM EST

  • Michael DeVito

    Just caught two minutes of #NFL combine coverage. Who makes an immediate impact next year?

    9:39AM EST

  • Manish Mehta

    Jets GM John Idzik was actively shopping Darrelle Revis at the NFL Scouting Combine." class="external"> #nyj

    9:26AM EST

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    Morning world!!!!

    8:53AM EST

  • kenrick Ellis

    No matter what you go through, continue to move forward and don't look back. Have a great day. #onelove

    8:18AM EST

  • Quinton Coples

    Gm world in the words of Jackie Robinson"a life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives" so go out and make a difference

    8:08AM EST