New York Jets Tweets – April 2, 2013

  • Antonio Garay

    Downtown for Taco Tuesday!! #feelinacertaintypeofGARAY

    11:24PM EDT

  • Antonio Garay

    #MeanMugMovement from coast to coast... #CaliforniaLove with a #NewYorkStateOfMind. #Life so #Bright I…" class="external">

    9:58PM EDT

  • Marcus Dixon

    Finally had my first KC BBQ at Jack Stack!! 2 words, AWE-SOME!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ‘

    8:55PM EDT

  • Brian Costello

    Sopranos scene with Mangini was just on. The "mangenius is here, Tone"

    8:34PM EDT

  • Braylon Edwards

    Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. Choose to be Great.

    8:00PM EDT

  • Rich Cimini

    Should the Jets pick Geno Smith?: The NFL is sending a message to Geno Smith, and it's not a positive one..." class="external"> #nyj

    7:20PM EDT

  • Demario Davis

    β€œ@MontyPatel: @YouAreFree146 πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ your argument is now nullified due to your hair reference, my friend.”more like validated because of

    7:18PM EDT

  • Demario Davis

    β€œ@MontyPatel: @YouAreFree146 I do understand why people like that show, ONE BIT!” What's not to like, great power, great fights, great hair

    7:13PM EDT

  • Demario Davis

    β€œ@MontyPatel: Dragonball Z is the WORST television show I have ever witnessed!” You are insane my friend

    6:57PM EDT

  • Rich Cimini

    49ers, linked to possible Revis trade, agree to 1 yr deal with CB Nnamdi Asomugha, per @AdamSchefter. Max only $3 million. Tough market.

    6:16PM EDT

  • Antonio Garay

    Lunch at Tower 23 in Pacific Beach. #Foodgram #FoodPorn #Yummy #Awesome #Me #Fitted…" class="external">

    5:06PM EDT

  • Rich Cimini

    Of top QB prospects, which one has best comp pct on throws of 20+ yards in 2012? Answer: @EJManuel3, Fla St -- 49.2%, per @ESPNStatsInfo.

    4:43PM EDT

  • Aaron Maybin

    Something for Marvin..." class="external">

    4:22PM EDT

  • Braylon Edwards

    Speaking of number 21 what's good @WRTreezy. How's the process coming bruh

    4:15PM EDT

  • Braylon Edwards

    Just left the track at UofM, trying to put in that good work. Felt like I was about to go through proday with the little homie @WRTreezy

    4:13PM EDT

  • Brian Costello

    How does Mike Rice still have a job?

    4:11PM EDT

  • New York Jets

    Did YOU get it right? #TriviaTuesday" class="external">

    4:06PM EDT

  • Rich Cimini

    Video of Rutgers coach Mike Rice is startling. How does he still have a job? How could this be kept quiet so long?" class="external">

    3:31PM EDT

  • Antonio Garay

    After a productive morning I'm kicking back with some lunch at the beach.

    3:08PM EDT

  • New York Jets

    How well do you know your Jets? #TriviaTuesday" class="external">

    2:46PM EDT

  • Brian Costello

    If Carson Palmer is only worth a conditional 7th round pick, what is Tebow's trade value?

    1:36PM EDT

  • Braylon Edwards

    Maybe I've been away from the radio for too long but this Tamar Braxton love and war song is pretty legit

    1:08PM EDT

  • Demario Davis

    I know if feels good ridin' high, rims spinning as u passin by.But our sons need us,our daughters need us, can't make a baby and not keep em

    11:39AM EDT

  • Antonio Garay

    The morning grind... Wishing everyone a great day and the strength to fight through the grinds of the day. #BeStrong

    11:10AM EDT

  • Josh Bush

    Happy bday to my bro @Nate15ecu enjoy it brotha ✊

    11:08AM EDT

  • New York Jets

    Have a question for Jets LB Antwan Barnes? Use #AskTheJets to submit yours NOW & tune-in to JTL on" class="external"> this Thursday!

    10:39AM EDT

  • Josh Baker

    "@Rayblinkie1906: I need a photographer to do a photoshoot for me" @justinmprice

    10:07AM EDT

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    Morning world!!!!

    8:13AM EDT

  • Rich Cimini

    Draft profile: Chance Warmack, Alabama: This is the third in a series highlighting players who could be s..." class="external"> #nyj

    5:43AM EDT

  • Mike Goodson

    β€œ@chilethebeast: @GoodNplenty33 yo bro what # r u wearing this year?” #23

    1:07AM EDT

  • Ellis Lankster

    SAjn bU aZzezd I dz Aez e Ast seA zreSe za e _2-$1;53ßx rxezzrd Ada

    12:18AM EDT