New York Jets Tweets – May 19, 2013

  • Seth Walder

    Are they trying to get me to interview a hit man?" class="external">

    11:43PM EDT

  • Josh Bush

    I wonder how much she got paid to hold that guitar...

    10:56PM EDT

  • Josh Bush

    Who told Miguel he was athletic enough to be on the dang track team though?! And he just kept singing like he made the jump πŸ˜‚πŸ˜«πŸ˜‚πŸ˜«

    10:52PM EDT

  • Josh Bush

    Well I guess ppl gon start wearing they pant leg up again...smh

    10:43PM EDT

  • Nick Bellore

    My dad just sent me this, miss the mil! #414" class="external">

    9:42PM EDT

  • Demario Davis

    82 follows away from 5,000, show me some love and RT/recommend me to your followers, I keep it clean!! "Peace, Love, & Jesus"

    9:23PM EDT

  • Demario Davis

    β€œ@TBR_Training: The hommie @YouAreFree146 just a great dude.#hardworker" class="external">” #WhyMyElbowsSoAshy?

    9:11PM EDT

  • Mark Sanchez


    9:08PM EDT

  • Manish Mehta

    RT @mortreport For 18th year in Jacksonville (Ponte Vedra) @coughlinjayfund dinner & auction tonight. Golf tomorrow:" class="external">

    7:57PM EDT

  • Antonio Garay

    So proud of my cuz @MeanTinaC for graduating Hofstra tonight with her MBA. Always in your corner and much love cuz.

    6:51PM EDT

  • Ray Lucas

    New Jets Nation at 7pm tonight!!!! @AdamSchein @BCusterTV @JeaneCoakley we will be talking qbs and running backs, don't miss it!!!

    6:46PM EDT

  • Nick Bellore

    #selfiesunday" class="external">

    6:44PM EDT

  • Antonio Garay


    6:18PM EDT

  • Aaron Maybin

    Gotta keep ya head up.....#aaronmaybinart #artcxlt #artlife #raisondetre #thuglife #sketch #dopeartdealer" class="external">

    6:13PM EDT

  • Manish Mehta

    Top 5 WRs you'd like to have on your team for next 5 years? I'll take Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, AJ Green & DeMaryius Thomas

    6:07PM EDT

  • Rich Cimini

    #Jets QB Geno Smith, guest on SiriusXM, said he's "pretty close" to hiring a new agent.

    5:29PM EDT

  • Manish Mehta

    Hall of Famer @CurtisMartin28 will hold benefit tomorrow to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief. Details:" class="external"> #nyj

    5:21PM EDT

  • Rich Cimini

    This is a surprise: Eagles are expected to waive RB Miguel Maysonet of @stonybrooku, per @caplannfl.

    5:20PM EDT

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ RT @antoniogaray71: Rainy & Gray Skies + Bumper To Bumper Traffic = A Less Than Stellar Day

    5:19PM EDT

  • Antonio Garay

    Rainy & Gray Skies + Bumper To Bumper Traffic = A Less Than Stellar Day

    5:18PM EDT

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    (Created with tweegram app)" class="external">

    5:18PM EDT

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    β€œConfidence is at the root of so many attractive qualities, a sense of humor, a sense of style, a (cont)" class="external">

    5:16PM EDT

  • Demario Davis

    @JBush @chrisdegeare @aaroncurry51 I'm down

    5:15PM EDT

  • Manish Mehta

    Completed my list for @ProFootballTalk's Top 50 Players list. 34 offensive players. 16 defensive players. 10 QBs, including 4 of Top 10.

    4:36PM EDT

  • Damon Harrison

    Brooklyn what up?!?!

    4:30PM EDT

  • Manish Mehta

    RT ‏@vitostellino Robert Griffin III wedding registry prices range from $3199.99 for automatic expresso to $14.99 for cookware cleaner.

    4:24PM EDT

  • Braylon Edwards

    Love Michigan when the weathers like this. Great place. Definitely going to enjoy this sun today. Oh yeah...Go Spurs!!

    3:46PM EDT

  • Nick Bellore

    EDC NYC!" class="external">

    3:37PM EDT

  • Antonio Garay

    Going to take a ride out to Long Island to see my cousin graduate. Before I leave I may have to listen to the traffic reports. #KeepMePosted

    3:32PM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊

    Etta James keep me on my toes, can't let her go

    3:19PM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊

    Cadillac Records a classic in my book

    3:18PM EDT

  • Josh Bush

    Sooooo @lmcintyre06 is in manhattan and didn't even hit me up though?!?!? WOW! Unbelievable

    2:56PM EDT

  • Josh Bush

    Wait a minute though...I hit @YouAreFree146 @AaronCurry51 and @ChrisDeGeare up this weekend and neither of them said anything!!!!!

    2:44PM EDT

  • Josh Bush

    I still have yet to even begin cleaning...

    2:31PM EDT

  • Rich Cimini

    Following up on QB Brian Hoyer: The #Jets didn't show interest before he signed with the Browns, per source.

    2:00PM EDT

  • Josh Bush

    The idea of cleaning up is the real scruggle...I ain't got it

    1:42PM EDT

  • Damon Harrison

    I know that I don't need ya but be feeling like I need ya...

    1:27PM EDT

  • Manish Mehta

    Jets didn't make offer or express interest in Brian Hoyer before he signed w/Browns last week, I'm told. There was some interest last yr tho

    1:12PM EDT

  • Josh Bush

    @QueCeasar @YouAreFree146 @BigDame900 @Sapp55 we are chillin sir...just recognizing your accomplishments ✊

    12:53PM EDT

  • Josh Bush

    I just looked at that man @Delo1_ twitter name and started laughing lmao y'all don't understand lol

    12:50PM EDT

  • Antonio Garay

    Looking to go to a cool little coffee spot... Any Recommendations?

    12:42PM EDT

  • Quinton Coples

    @YouAreFree146 @BigDame900 @JBush @Sapp55 y'all need to chill lol.,

    10:55AM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊

    Fight the Power, Raise my Fist in the Sky for it" class="external">

    10:33AM EDT

  • New York Jets

    Share your photos by using #JetsPets and watch them appear here –" class="external">" class="external">

    10:29AM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊

    Soundcloud my favorite app

    10:21AM EDT

  • Rich Cimini

    For those who want Idzik to cut Goodson asap to send message: He's deliberate on big decisions, i.e Revis, Tebow. Figures to do same here.

    10:08AM EDT

  • Conor Orr

    RE: Hoyer, was told the #jets were after him last year too but couldn't reason bringing another QB Into the summer of Tebow. #nyj

    10:03AM EDT

  • Rich Cimini

    Idzik's interest in QB market, post-Garrard, shows he's not content with Sanchez/Smith. He wants options. Hardly a vote of conf for Sanchez.

    9:58AM EDT

  • Rich Cimini

    Per @TonyGrossi, the #Jets expressed interest in QB Hoyer before he signed w/ Browns. As noted yesterday, Idzik not content to stand pat.

    9:52AM EDT

  • Demario Davis

    β€œ@JohnPiper: What does it mean to call today Pentecost Sunday?" class="external">” happy Pentecost Sunday

    9:49AM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊

    β€œ@LamontLilly: May 19th, 1925. Happy Birthday #MalcolmX”

    8:42AM EDT

  • Rich Cimini

    Sunday notes: Idzik's first 2 blemishes ... Goodson's contract ... Garrard's knee ... Tebow laughs at himself. #Jets" class="external">

    8:30AM EDT

  • Josh Bush

    RT @MRomero34: Three clubs in one night , and haven't paid for shit yet, ya it's a good night lol <-- u need to chill lmao

    3:08AM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊

    You can't fight the feeling

    12:30AM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊

    Sometimes i wonder Who the Fuck I am

    12:28AM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊

    Penthou$e gone change the black community, thats the main objective #fuckmoney

    12:18AM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊

    β€œ@LamontLilly: Malcolm X is a hero b/c he loved Black people. Malcolm X is a hero b/c he stood for justice.”

    12:17AM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊

    β€œ@Bck_In_Action: @ikeepone lmao what makes me a hybrid Clem?!” Rhetorical question lol

    12:15AM EDT