New York Jets Tweets – June 24, 2013

  • Austin Howard

    "White House Down" vs. "Olympus Has Fallen".... hmm.

    11:54PM EDT

  • Nick Bellore

    Chief makes Gucci look like Hemingway!

    11:49PM EDT

  • Nick Bellore

    That's real cute Chicago, but you still have six more to go! #HOCKEYTOWN

    11:46PM EDT

  • Nick Bellore

    Chief Keef-Hobby=W.O.A.T.

    11:42PM EDT

  • Demario Davis

    God used words to build this world so be careful how you use them.

    11:37PM EDT

  • Seth Walder

    I think, from a win probability perspective, the Heat's game 6 comeback was much less likely.

    11:00PM EDT

  • Braylon Edwards

    Alright yall have a blessed and great night. Bout to watch a movie and hit the sack early. Back to workouts tomm. #GoingForMine

    10:50PM EDT

  • Braylon Edwards

    Never know.. #FreeAgency “@Hfrizk: @OfficialBraylon come to detroit man ! Your a michigan man, we will control the NFL with you”

    10:47PM EDT

  • Braylon Edwards

    RT @ChrisArmstr0ng: @OfficialBraylon @Jade_Not_Jaded happy birthday!!! Its mines too !!!! Although im sadly not 21 :) #29 RT

    10:46PM EDT

  • Santonio Holmes

    RT @nyelitegraffix: Another edit for @ToneTime10 hope u like!" class="external">

    9:26PM EDT

  • Ray Lucas

    Greg Olsen sorry

    8:39PM EDT

  • Ray Lucas

    Watching NFL live about greg olsons son, may God bless his family!!!!!

    8:38PM EDT

  • Braylon Edwards

    #nw Prestige. Great movie! #MovieHead

    8:30PM EDT

  • Seth Walder

    The worst of the Jelly Bellys. RT @MikeSielskiWSJ: Buttered-popcorn-flavored jellybeans: no.

    8:23PM EDT

  • Braylon Edwards

    “@roverforty7: @woodyjohnson4 ill attend with 10 others if @OfficialBraylon is signed again! #bringbackbraylon” thats love

    8:23PM EDT

  • Seth Walder

    Geno Smith on Jets West: "We'll see." #nyj | Story:" class="external">

    8:13PM EDT

  • Josh Bush

    Who can make me a flyer for my charity bowling event coming up?! RT

    8:02PM EDT

  • Seth Walder

    Geno Smith was asked if his summer break will include a trip to California (Jets West) on NFL Network. "We'll see," Geno said. #nyj

    8:01PM EDT

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    Bout to go watch my bro @P_Walker11 but on in this north vs south all star game. He gone do big (cont)" class="external">

    7:08PM EDT