New York Jets Tweets – June 29, 2013

  • Demario Davis

    RT @ChanRogers: Eventually working hard and doing the right things will pay off. Stay committed, stay focused, and stay motivated even when…

    11:26PM EDT

  • Demario Davis

    Bout to get some kicks in my stomach tonight. Lmbo

    10:31PM EDT

  • Manish Mehta

    Hero RT @ProFootballTalk: Take 22 minutes and get to know Joe Delaney" class="external">

    9:42PM EDT

  • Santonio Holmes

    Just finish putting in work! #ToneTime" class="external">

    9:25PM EDT

  • Quinton Coples

    The world is yours and everything in it..Get on the GRIND and Get It

    7:54PM EDT

  • Josh Bush

    Boutta check out that @kevinmccall EP...

    7:43PM EDT

  • Willie Colon


    7:13PM EDT

  • Willie Colon

    RQQ.. To the Bruhz..

    6:59PM EDT

  • Demario Davis

    RT @MyNameIsBizzle: Great day spent with the family.......don't overlook what's GOD-given to chase what's man-made. #Blessed

    6:06PM EDT

  • Demario Davis

    Homemade water-park and BBQ. #countrylife" class="external">

    6:05PM EDT

  • Demario Davis

    Fun Day w/ the kids from the church. Glad they enjoying themselves. #TheGiveBack

    4:26PM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊

    #nf @yeahchantellae

    3:41PM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊

    RT @CurrenSy_Spitta: Me and @juviethegreat got another one

    3:39PM EDT

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    Bout to watch this 3-D show" class="external">

    3:28PM EDT

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    No doubt #jetlife RT @EmpireunitedNj: @mowilkerson just saw you at the kingdom! Wearing the company logo! You da man!

    3:25PM EDT

  • Conor Orr

    @BrianCoz @RichCimini @KMart_LI: we don't really claim her. #gradschoolposers

    1:05PM EDT

  • Brian Costello

    At Citi Field for some Mets duty. It's Syracuse alumni day, so it feels just like the Jets press room. @RichCimini @KMart_LI @ConorTOrr

    1:02PM EDT

  • Aaron Maybin

    #aaronmaybinart #artcxlt #artlife #nelsonmandela #mandela #hero #leader #king #dopeartdealer" class="external">

    12:45PM EDT

  • Austin Howard

    These problems have occurred since I was 12 bro... lol RT"@RMSagona: @AustinHoward68 because not everyone is a lineman in the NFL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚"

    12:21PM EDT

  • Austin Howard

    And there goes a baby crying... Oh yea, now its official...

    12:19PM EDT

  • Austin Howard

    I don't know who would have it worse, me sitting next to someone, or someone having to sit next to me in a plane this size...?? Haha

    12:16PM EDT

  • Austin Howard

    I swear if I shifted my weight on this plane during the flight, everyone would think we were going thru bad turbulence... LOL #SMH

    12:09PM EDT

  • Austin Howard

    Now this should just be illegal. How do people fit on these small damn planes!!!!" class="external">

    12:07PM EDT

  • Julian Posey

    RT @coffeechariot: Sign series #4 @ Artists & Fleas" class="external">

    11:31AM EDT

  • Santonio Holmes

    Another day at the office!" class="external">

    11:24AM EDT

  • New York Jets

    Caption this!" class="external">

    11:10AM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊


    10:24AM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊

    β€œ@BeIieveOrNot: Singing exercises your heart, lungs and releases endorphins, making you feel good.”

    10:24AM EDT

  • Antonio Garay

    Good morning world!! Have a great day...

    8:55AM EDT

  • Demario Davis

    Word time @ night great meditation

    12:37AM EDT