New York Jets Tweets – April 5, 2014

  • Ricky Sapp

    U gotta be frapping kidding me ... #FinalFour

    11:30PM EDT

  • Jeff Cumberland

    Wow. Almost the same spot. #FinalFour

    11:29PM EDT

  • Ricky Sapp

    Wow ... #NCAAMarchMadness2014

    11:26PM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊

    Lets Go Uconn #NationalChampionship #shabazzketball #youngBoatright

    11:09PM EDT

  • Jeff Cumberland

    Big Ten or the young boys from KY? #MarchMadness

    9:15PM EDT

  • J.11

    Success isn't easy...... It's hard, real hard!

    8:51PM EDT

  • Ricky Sapp

    “@terilyns68: @Sapp55 They look like crap. Oh well, my bracket is done. As long as Kentucky doesn't win, I'm cool.”now I'm with u on that

    8:30PM EDT

  • Ricky Sapp

    RT @Werds35: @Sapp55 my bracket says Fla Uk

    8:21PM EDT

  • Ricky Sapp

    “@terilyns68: @Sapp55 Florida/Kentucky and Florida wins!!!” This tuff on Florida

    8:20PM EDT

  • Eric Allen

    Hope my Gators pull this out, but no matter what happens - Kevin Ollie is a hell of a coach. #GatorMadness #GatorAlways

    8:08PM EDT

  • Nick Bellore

    @JBush MPMC

    8:07PM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊

    RT @WhoKR: Weed Drink Acid Sex Without Relationships Fashion Social Media Fame Music My Generation

    8:04PM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊

    Come on Huskies

    8:03PM EDT

  • Josh Bush

    Where are the good food spots in morristown??? Been here for 2 years and still don't know

    7:05PM EDT

  • Ray Lucas

    I thought Florida was running away with this game, guess not!!

    6:53PM EDT

  • Ricky Sapp

    Who y'all got n the final four ??? #NCAAMarchMadness2014

    6:10PM EDT

  • Manish Mehta

    RT @NYDNSports Boomer's apology to Mets' Murphy is right move, but what's next step in world of Gasbags?" class="external"> - @nydnraiss

    4:53PM EDT

  • Garrett McIntyre

    RT @brandon_molale: 2014 Fresno State Spring Football Game. Beautiful day here at Bulldog Stadium. #GoDogs #FresnoState…" class="external">

    4:40PM EDT

  • Garrett McIntyre

    Thanks @MarkSmellyBell for crushing my legs today. Truly the strongest gym in the west! My fans need to follow @MarkSmellyBell

    4:10PM EDT

  • Brian Costello

    Glad I'm here to witness Mets history - their first replay challenge.

    3:53PM EDT

  • Julian Posey

    RT @HarrisNOFLYZONE: Funny as hell" class="external">

    3:50PM EDT

  • Manish Mehta

    LSU WR Odell Beckham Jr. visiting Jets & Bills next week, per @Gil_Brandt. #NYJ bringing in top WRs (Evans, Cooks, Benjamin, etc) in April

    3:42PM EDT

  • Brian Bassett

    Critiquing the B/R NFL 1000 Project: Cornerbacks" class="external"> #Jets #NFL

    3:39PM EDT

  • Rich Cimini

    LSU WR Odell Beckham Jr. is visiting the Jets next week, per @Gil_Brandt. #nyj

    2:58PM EDT

  • Ricky Sapp

    “@blue_CB8: @Sapp55 that's right lol, spring break in two weeks you really go hate me thenlol” what's ur boss number ?

    2:56PM EDT

  • New York Jets

    .@RichCimini: Geno Smith will be ‘the guy.' MORE-" class="external">" class="external">

    2:55PM EDT

  • Dennis Waszak Jr.

    You called it, Rich! RT @coutinho9: Is my predicted Granderson moment coming right now?

    2:47PM EDT

  • Ricky Sapp

    “@blue_CB8: @Sapp55 back to work..yes!!”lol u ain't the

    2:43PM EDT

  • Ricky Sapp

    Florida it's been real... ✈️Houston here i come

    2:36PM EDT

  • Brian Costello

    Johnny Baseball is no-hitting the Mets thru 4.

    2:12PM EDT

  • TheGoldenChild

    RT @AthleteTweetsO: Retweet if you're thankful. 🙏🙌☝️" class="external">

    1:59PM EDT

  • Ray Lucas

    @BCusterTV @kenmanjamaica look eye always look eye bcuster!!!

    1:38PM EDT

  • Ricky Sapp

    RT @Sheen300: Arrogance and pride doesn't belong in the body of Christ. If you full of pride trust and believe Christ WILL humble you in du…

    1:36PM EDT

  • New York Jets

    .@YouAreFree146 joined #NYJets fans for 1 of our 3 special prescreenings of #DraftDay. The movie opens April 11." class="external">

    1:29PM EDT

  • Ricky Sapp

    Afternoon twitter

    1:24PM EDT

  • Ricky Sapp

    RT @clemsontgr18: @dsap24 @Sapp55 haha whatever, Ricky, the REAL SAP, followed me years ago. You know; the best DE ever at Clemson AND the…

    1:23PM EDT

  • Josh Baker

    “@TheTylerWest: @ShakeNbakes45 Congrats on the deal!” Thanks man

    1:21PM EDT

  • Brian Costello

    RT @Realronmexico99: @BrianCoz if you want to set a trap to see if Idzik is there buy a hot dog and put it on a table with a "free" sign, h…

    1:10PM EDT

  • Brian Costello

    I'm covering the Mets today. I haven't seen Chris Johnson or John Idzik at Citi Field yet.

    1:05PM EDT

  • Josh Bush

    This man @Aj_Marshall17 keep playing the same @PartyNextDoor song over and over lmaoooo #henicethough

    12:25PM EDT

  • Rich Cimini

    Twitter mailbag: What if a QB falls to 18?: Your questions, my answers:" class="external">

    12:20PM EDT

  • New York Jets" class="external"> ranks its 5 most improved offenses of this offseason. Check out #3-" class="external">

    12:02PM EDT

  • Eric Allen" class="external"> says the Jets have one of the league's most improved offenses since the end of '13 season:" class="external">

    10:58AM EDT

  • Manish Mehta

    Jets GM John Idzik has not reached out to Chris Johnson's camp yet, I'm told. However, #NYJ is interested in CJ2K at the right price.

    10:52AM EDT

  • Manish Mehta

    Should Jets GM John Idzik sign RB Chris Johnson? (A Few Good Men edition) #nyj" class="external">

    10:44AM EDT

  • Manish Mehta

    RT @ProFootballTalk Look for Chris Johnson to have a new team by the middle of next week" class="external"> #nyj

    9:34AM EDT

  • Manish Mehta

    Jets have taken a methodical approach in free agency. I'm told GM John Idzik has not reached out to Chris Johnson's camp since release #nyj

    9:30AM EDT

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    Put on a show my boy RT @Dlampley908: Gameday...nap flow! showtime at 7!

    8:54AM EDT

  • Brian Bassett

    Mock Draft Roundup" class="external"> #Jets #NFL

    8:00AM EDT

  • Brian Bassett

    The Bassett Daily is out!" class="external"> Stories via @HoodieAllen @RyanRuocco @PartsUnknownCNN

    7:26AM EDT

  • Rich Cimini

    Daily draft dish: The magic of Marqise: Every morning, from now until draft day (May 8), we'll provide a draft..." class="external">

    6:47AM EDT

  • Brian Bassett

    Daily Links: Get in the mix" class="external"> #Jets #NFL

    6:30AM EDT

  • Muhammad Wilkerson

    Gotta take my bro @Thraxamillion to Philly for his flight to Miami in a few hrs

    3:54AM EDT

  • Ricky Sapp


    12:35AM EDT

  • Troy Davis ✊

    RT @CaseyVeggies:" class="external">

    12:19AM EDT