Jets Fall Down To the Middle Of The Pack

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Jets Fall Down To the Middle Of The Pack

All three top sports websites are pretty much in agreement this week - the New York Jets are a middle of the pack team whose playoff hopes are on life support. ESPN lowered the Jets' ranking by one spot, from #14 to #15. Fox Sports, who had them the highest #11 a week ago, now has the Gang Green at #16. CBS Sports also has the Jets at #16 (one spot down compared to a week ago).

Here's what the top 3 websites had to say about the Jets:

ESPN:  Rex Ryan guaranteed that the Jets would win the Super Bowl. I'm not sure they'll even make the playoffs.

FOX Sports: If the Jets can't beat the Tim Tebow-led Broncos, they are in for a long final six weeks of the season. Although if there was another team that is playing just as poorly after a great start to the season, it is the Bills. Should be an interesting matchup this week.

CBS Sports: At 5-5, the brash-talking Jets might want to concentrate on winning games and doing less talking. Their game with the Bills is an elimination game.

  W 1 W 2 W 3 W 4 W 5 W 6 W 7 W 8 W 9 W 10 W 11 W 12
ESPN 7 5 3 7 14 17 16 13 13 11 14 15
FOX Sports 9 8 4 10 13 12 14 13 12 9 11 16
CBS Sports 10 6 3 11 19 20 20 20 19 11 15 16

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