Jets Move Back Up In Power Rankings

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Jets Move Back Up In Power Rankings

After falling in power rankings for three straight weeks, the New York Jets finally climbed a few spots back up. Fox Sports, ProFootballTalk and ProFootballWeekly all placed the Jets in the top 20. Fox Sports, who rated the Jets lower than all the other websites a week ago, moved Rex Ryan's team nine places up to #18. ESPN moved the Gang Green two spots up - from $25 to #23. Finally, CBS Sports apparently didn't think much of the Jets' win against the Colts, as the Gang Green moved only from #24 to #23 on their chart.

Here's what all these websites had to say about the Jets:

ESPN: Return of ground-and-pound: The Jets ran the ball 44 times Sunday and threw 19 passes. That's a winning formula for Mark Sanchez.

FOX Sports: Cornerback Antonio Cromartie was surprisingly effective against quicker WR Reggie Wayne, even if the Jets' CB did have two interception returns negated by pass-interference penalties.

CBS Sports: They showed some offensive life against the Colts with Shonn Greene running the football. Who was that moving the football on offense? Now comes a big one with the Patriots.

ProFootballTalk: When the starting quarterback throws for 82 yards and he’s believed to have done a good job, the bar is way too low.

ProFootballWeekly: Ground-and-pound formula helped crush Colts. Will it work vs. Pats?

  W 1 W 2 W 3 W 4 W 5 W 6 W 7
ESPN 21 17 18 17 23 25 23
FOX Sports 20 17 17 19 27 27 18
CBS Sports 18 17 19 15 22 24 23
PFT 22 16 19 15 22 21 17
PFW 23 15 17 17 21 22  18


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