Jets Fall Short Against Pats As Sanchez Fumbles In OT

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Jets Fall Short Against Pats As Sanchez Fumbles In OT

The Jets tried their best, they almost did it, but their effort just wasn't enough to overcome the New England Patriots. The Gang Green had a 3-point lead with two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, but first the defense allowed the Pats to tie the game and take it to overtime, and then QB Mark Sanchez fumbled the game away in the extra period.

This somewhat brought memories of Week 5 when the Jets had a chance to beat the Texans late in the game. In that game, just like today, Mark Sanchez turned the ball over instead of leading his team to a potential game-winning score.

How many of us did really think that Sanchez was going to finally do it in overtime against the Pats? The result was pretty much what most of fans had expected - another stupid mistake and turnover. Earlier in the game Sanchez inexplicably took a sack that almost drove the Gang Green out of field goal range when he could have easily thrown the ball out of bounds. He did it again in overtime, only this time he also fumbled, burying all hopes for an upset.

Another crucial mistake in the second quarter when the Jets' QB threw an interception, underthrowing a wide open WR Stephen Hill in the end zone, left at least three points on the board. Then, earlier in the same quarter, a botched hand-off to RB Shonn Greene resulted in a safety, gifting two points to New England. People keep making excuses for Sanchez, but he's now a 4-year starter who keeps making the same mistakes year in and year out.

Then, there's also Tony Sparano, who was supposed to be a better fit than the hated Brian Schottenheimer. Well, the Sparano offense hasn't been a hit thus far to say the least. QB Tim Tebow, who was supposedly acquired to be a pace changer, has been barely used on offense. The ultraconservative "play not to lose" approach that the Jets often used in the Herman Edwards days was seen again late in the game today. First, the Gang Green made no attempt to score a TD when they recovered a New England fumble late in the fourth quarter, settling for a field goal and taking almost no time off the clock. Then, in overtime, they took it one step further, playing as conservative as it gets when the game was on the line and they had to score on their sole possession.

On the positive side, WR Jeremy Kerley probably had the best game of his career - 7 receptions for 120 yards. TE Dustin Keller was back to his old self, catching all 7 passes that were thrown to him. RB Joe McKnight, who was questionable for this game, contributed on both special teams and offense. He averaged 29 yards on kickoff returns and also had a 13-yard run, the longest Jets' run of the game.

Next Sunday the Jets (3-4) will take on the Miami Dolphins (3-3), whom they already beat earlier this season. The current line has the Gang Green favored by 2.5 points, if you look to bet on NFL football.The Dolphins, however, are a better team than they were in Week 3 and coming off a bye week.

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  • gangjet – 10/22/2012 09:41:45 am

    I would recommend you to watch the entire game, it is incredible you want to blame Sanchez for the loss yesterday, regardless that he had a better game than Brady. Completed 19-20 passes on 2nd half and brought the team back on top. Yes he fumbled, but after the OL collapsed and failed to protect him after Hill dropped a sure 1st down and possible a TD. You should look at yourself as an analyst, before you criticize others for their performance. This is a terrible job from your part

  • Petrozza – 10/22/2012 09:57:54 am

    Better game than Brady? Really? How many turnovers did Brady have? Zero. Sanchez had two. When the game was on the line, Brady took the Pats down the field and they tied the game. When it was Sanchez's turn to be clutch, he fumbled.

  • GreenGreek – 10/22/2012 01:12:13 pm

    Sanchez made some costly mistakes, but he is not the scapegoat for this game. Also, taking that last sack in regulation wasn't a mistake. Granted, it didn't have to lose as many yards as it did, but it did force the Pats to burn another TO. Throwing the ball away would have been a bigger mistake. Want to point blame for this loss, look elsewhere. 1) ST letting up a KO return for a TD 2) Hill dropping a wide open gimme first down that would have esssentially ended the game in regulation in our favor. 3) Chaz Schilens dropping a TD pass.

  • The Dark Knight – 10/23/2012 01:49:55 am

    Getting your team the lead with under 2 minutes left is pretty clutch Petrozza. Remember when that happened? Then the Jets D let them down at the end of the game, as it has many times.

  • IIMeanDeanII – 10/23/2012 08:39:58 am

    This write-up is completely biased. Sanchez played good enough to win this game, he is not the main culprit in this game. Sanchez was smart in taking the sack, just like he was smart in kicking the football out of the end zone for a safety. He had a poor throw to Hill with the interception but he still did enough to win the game despite that turnover. The fumble was horrible and he should've tucked it into his chest instead of trying to throw it away but in that situation he knew a sack would almost surely lose them the game. He tried. If Moore wasn't consistently getting beat in the game there wouldn't have been pressure directly in the face of Sanchez. The Texans put a huge target on Brandon Moore and he was exposed in that game. His age had caught up to him, and it could be an issue moving forward.

  • Christian – 10/23/2012 08:42:30 am

    I can almost feel my IQ dropping as I read through this article.

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