Sanchez might be out for season

Admin - September 12, 2013

QB Mark Sanchez does have a labral tear in his right shoulder that could require a season-ending surgery. Sanchez sought a second opinion from Dr. James Andrews who confirmed the earlier diagnosis on Wednesday. Sanchez could instead choose to rehab the shoulder in an effort to play at some point this season, but still likely would need surgery at the end of the year. He's expected to make this decision within a day or two.

It shouldn't really matter when Sanchez has surgery, as his days of playing quarterback for the New York Jets are pretty much over. It would actually be beneficial for his career to have surgery now and be ready for the next season's free agency after the Jets inevitably cut him.

Sanchez got injured in the preseason game against the New York Giants when Rex Ryan inserted him into the game behind a second string offensive line.