Jets crash down in power rankings

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Jets crash down in power rankings

The Gang Green's position in NFL power rankings remained pretty much the same after their first two losses of the season. That wasn't the case this week, however, as all pundits seemed to have lost faith in Rex Ryan's team and QB Geno Smith. Both ESPN and Fox Sports lowered their evaluation of the Jets by 5 points (from #21 to #26). CBS Sports dropped the Gang Green to #27 (down 6 spots). The biggest drop in rankings came from Yahoo Sports who placed the Jets at #26 (down 7 spots). CNN SI and PFT weren't as harsh, lowering the Jets' stock by 4 and 2 points respectively (#26 and #23).

The current 3-game losing streak got instantly reflected in the latest Super Bowl odds. The Jets are now +20,000 to win the Super Bowl and +1,500 to win the AFC East. They are also a 7-point underdog in the upcoming matchup against the Chargers. But that's reality of bookies who quickly react to wins and losses, as well as on and off field developments.

Here's what the power rankings websites had to say about the Jets:

ESPN: Geno Smith was 2-of-6 with an interception passing more than 10 yards downfield Sunday. Smith has now completed 35.5 percent (11-of-31) of those attempts since going 4-of-6 in Week 1.

FOX Sports: Geno Smith’s confidence has been shaken and the Jets have opted to simplify the playbook in an attempt to cut down on the turnovers. The result was a vanilla offense that failed to move the ball until late in the game. On defense, personnel issues in the secondary have forced Rex Ryan to use a hyper-aggressive approach that is allowing too many big plays over the top.

CBS Sports: How much longer will Rex Ryan stick with Geno Smith? Ryan's job is on the line, you know.

ProFootballTalk: With games coming up against the Chargers, Broncos, and Patriots, the clock is ticking on Geno.

CNN SI: Rex Ryan continues to back QB Geno Smith, saying this week, "I believe we're going to get it done and I believe he's going to be one of the main reasons we get it done." How much longer until Ryan decides the Jets are not "getting it done"? They're 1-3 and facing a daunting three-games-in-11 days stretch: at San Diego, vs. Denver, at New England on a Thursday night.

Yahoo Sports: Remember folks: The Michael Vick you'd be getting bears no resemblance to the Michael Vick you fondly remember. That Vick hasn't been around for a while.

  - W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9 W10 W11 W12 W13 W14 W15 W16 W17
ESPN 21 21 21 21 26                          
FOX Sports 22 20 21 21 26                          
CBS Sports 21 17 20 21 27                          
PFT 18 16 20 21 23                          
CNN SI 20 19 19 22 26                          
Yahoo Sports 20 18 14 19 26                          


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