Jets stay put in power rankings

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Jets stay put in power rankings

Despite losing for the sixth time in a row, the New York Jets stayed pretty much where they were a week ago in the latest editions of NFL power rankings. But then there's not really much room left to go down. Only Pete Prisco of CBS Sports placed the Gang Green outside the top 30, ranking them lower than the Jacksonville Jaguars. ESPN placed the Jets at #29, while FOX Sports kept Rex Ryan team's position unchanged as well - at #26. Pro Football Talk lowered the Jets' ranking from $25 to #26, while CNN SI moved them up one spot - from #27 to #26. Finally, Yahoo Sports also kept the Jets at #26, right where they were last week.

Here's what the power rankings websites had to say about the Jets:

ESPN: The Jets held their own against the Patriots and traded for Percy Harvin to help improve their 4.8 yards per play average (31st in NFL).

FOX Sports: The Jets finally opened the playbook to Geno Smith and got Chris Ivory more involved and would you look at that, they moved the ball consistently. Bringing in Percy Harvin gives the team a great opportunity to evaluate Smith with more weapons at his disposal.

CBS Sports: Percy Harvin to the rescue. Just what the Jets need, turmoil in the locker room. This season is done.

ProFootballTalk: Percy Harvin wasn’t traded. He was exiled.

CNN SI: Hey, acquiring Percy Harvin is probably not going to save the season. There are several teams out there, though, that would take a WR/RB setup of Eric Decker, Harvin and Chris Ivory. This is a nine-game tryout for Geno Smith.

Yahoo Sports: Here's one problem with the Percy Harvin trade: Are the Jets really going to get a good look at him before deciding if he's worth that $10.5 million base salary next season? It's really tough to learn an offense when you join a team right before Week 8 of the regular season.

  - W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9 W10 W11 W12 W13 W14 W15 W16 W17
ESPN 21 21 21 21 26 30 29 29                    
FOX Sports 22 20 21 21 26 29 26 26                    
CBS Sports 21 17 20 21 27 28 29 31                    
PFT 18 16 20 21 23 25 25 26                    
CNN SI 20 19 19 22 26 30 27 26                    
Yahoo Sports 20 18 14 19 26 27 26 26                    

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