Jets move up in power rankings

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Jets move up in power rankings

NFL season is back and so is our tracking of the Jets' power rankings across various sports websites. As expected, the win against the Browns moved the Gang Green up the NFL ladder. CBS Sports was especially excited about their performance, raising the Jets' stock from #28 to #18. ESPN moved Todd Bowles' team 5 spots up (from #26 to #21). FOX Sports put the Jets at #20, up from #23 before the season. Meanwhile, both Yahoo Sports and ProFootballTalk weren't particularly impressed, placing the Jets at #24 and #26 respectively (only one spot up in each ranking).

Here's what the power rankings websites had to say about the Jets:

ESPN: Rex Ryan is gone but the Jets are still going ground-and-pound under Todd Bowles. The Jets rushed on 59 percent of their Week 1 plays, highest in the NFL.

FOX Sports: In Week 1, the Jets got off to an excellent start and the new offensive scheme was clicking with Ryan Fitzpatrick and new No. 1 wide receiver Brandon Marshall. The Jets will have to prove that they can hold up in pass protection and pass coverage going forward as they match up against stronger teams.

CBS Sports: They beat up on a bad Browns team, but they did some good things in doing so. Now comes a tough test at Indy against the Colts.

ProFootballTalk: No, they won’t be playing the Browns every week.

Yahoo Sports: Before Sunday, Chris Ivory had played two seasons with the Jets. He had 20 or more carries in a game three times. He had 100 yards each time. Which leads one to ask, why was Sunday only the fourth time he was given 20 carries by the Jets?

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ESPN 26 21                                
FOX Sports 23 20                                
CBS Sports 28 18                                
PFT 27 26                                
Yahoo Sports 25 24                                

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