Jets looking for identity

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Jets looking for identity

After destroying the Detroit Lions 48-17 in week one of the 2018 NFL season, it became clear the New York Jets have a bit more to offer than fans saw during a dismal 5-11 2017 season. However, week two reminded everyone this is still a work in progress.

In week one, Head Coach Todd Bowles handed the reins of the offense to rookie QB Sam Darnold, but he kept the leash short. A conservative passing attack and a solid running game, plus a long punt return and interception for touchdowns led the way for the Jets. For Darnold’s part, he did throw for two touchdowns, but also had two interceptions (one returned for a TD) in just 21 passing attempts.

In week two, the running game was a no show. The Miami Dolphins played great run defense and forced the ball into Darnold’s hands. While the rookie completed 25 passes for 334 yards, he only managed one touchdown pass against two interceptions.

This is likely to become a familiar pattern throughout the coming weeks. Darnold’s talent is real, but he’s still a rookie on a team that’s clearly in rebuilding mode. That is not something that is likely to be lost on defensive coordinators around the league. The Jets rushing attack is the head of the snake. How do you stop a snake? You cut off its head.

As for the Jet’s defense, so far so good. Through two games, the defense has only given up 299 yards per game and 4 touchdowns while causing 7 turnovers. The Dolphins and Lions aren’t exactly offensive juggernauts, but the Jets defense has shown it is competitive enough to keep games close.

In week three, the Jets will be traveling to Cleveland to take on the Cleveland Browns on Thursday Night Football. After completing a perfect 0-16 season in 2017, the Browns are still looking for its second win in the team’s last 37 games. It might be a good time for Coach Bowles to turn Darnold loose and see what the young man can do. With that said, it might also be the right time to start developing the team’s identity for the future.

From a gambling perspective, gamblers might want to approach Jets games with a bit of caution. This is not a team that’s likely to win a lot of games, but it might be enough of a team to keep games relatively close. That’s something worth noting if bookmakers start getting a little generous with the point spreads. Any gamblers, who will be doing any online betting with Caesars or any other online bookmakers, would do well to wait and watch the Jets over the next few games.

By mid-season, the Jets should start showing its true colors. There’s a very good chance this team will simply get better as the season progresses. A lot will depend on Darnold’s progress, which will dictate how much room the Jets will get to do what they do best, run the ball.

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