With Bell in the loop, Jets turn attention to other needs

Admin - March 18, 2019

With the signing of Le'Veon Bell to a four-year deal, the New York Jets and Head Coach Adam Gase were able to check a very import box, the team desperately needed a quality running back. They got him for $52.5 million with the first $25 million guaranteed immediately. While the total value of the deal was slightly less than what the Steelers put on the table last year, guaranteed money is like gold to running backs in the NFL.

With the running back issue resolved, the Jets can now turn its attention to filling other important needs. After three straight seasons with at least 11 losses, fans and sports gamblers might find this team something worth getting excited about. In preparation for the upcoming season, NFL bettors might want to start with a review of Sport888 and follow with other sites to find a new online bookmaker.

The first need the Jets should address is at the center position. With Bell running the ball 25-30 times a game, they need a center that can trap to the inside and move to the outside for pull blocks. They also need a quality player who can give second-year QB Sam Darnold plenty of time to get the ball to his outside receivers. If they can land a quality offensive lineman in rounds 2-4, they might have enough versatility to shift players around and cover the center position internally.

Staying with the offense, the Jets have already signed two wide receivers in Jamison Crowder, who will likely start in the slot, and Josh Bellamy, who will play on special teams and get a few snaps in 4-wide receiver sets. With a couple of exciting draft prospects with great hands and outside speed sitting on the boards, it's tempting to pull the trigger in the early rounds to give Darnold a true deep threat. If a player like D.K. Metcalf from Ole Miss were to slip to the early 2nd round or perhaps Andy Isabella from Massachusetts was available in the 3rd round, it might be worth taking a shot. The problem is there may be a bigger need on defense.

On defense, the Jets need a legitimate pass rusher. Right now, they are slated to start the season with the same frontline. With the free agency market for defensive linemen running a little thin, this looks like where the Jets are going to need to go with the third pick overall. They have to hope that either Nick Bosa from Ohio State or Josh Allen from Kentucky falls to No. 3. If not, the Jets will be in a quandary. They might have to shift gears and target the draft’s best cornerback, Greedy Williams from LSU, or trade down and get a number one next year, plus a chance to land Williams or a quality WR with the later first round pick. If the Arizona Cardinal follow through and take QB Kyler Murray from Oklahoma, the way should be cleared for the Jets to get Allen.

If everything falls into place, the 2019 version of the New York Jets should be much improved.