Can the Jets draft picks improve them from last season?

Admin - May 17, 2019

It is probably fair to say that the 2018 NFL season for New York Jets fans was not the best they have ever seen. Finishing bottom of the AFC East table, they picked up just 4 wins and sank to 12 losses. However, it was not all doom and gloom for Jets fans entirely. Young, talented quarterback Sam Darnold showed enough glimpses of what he can do to remain a top prospect. There were also other players who showed good enough form over the whole season to suggest that the Jets have a core of players to build with.

The problem for the team really lies in the glaring gaps it has in certain positions and the crippling weaknesses in key areas. Defense is certainly somewhere that many Jets fans feel needs addressing after 2018’s efforts for starters. If they sort this out, then you could even start to see the odds of the Jets making the playoffs pick up. To make the most of this, Jets fans in New Jersey can head to an NJ online casino and back their team to win. Some of the betting sites you can use online also have casino games to play, if you fancy trying something else out.

Before you start backing the Jets though, it is worth considering if they have strengthened enough over the course of the recent draft to have a better 2019. Looking at who they have signed so far, it happily seems to suggest this is true. Let's take a look at the players who were picked up in the draft to make a difference.

Quinnen Williams

Probably the most exciting draft signing that should make a big impact is this player. Quinnen Williams was the number 3 player in the draft, which is evidence of his outstanding talent. A defensive tackle from Alabama College, it is expected that he will see lots of on field action this coming season. A superb athlete with great pace, tackling ability and aggression, he should make the Jets much more solid. His record at college level seems to suggest this as well – in 29 games, he made 56 solo tackles to prove his worth.

Blake Cashman

If he were to help the Jets towards a fabulous 2019, it would be quite the story for this linebacker from Minnesota. He has worked hard against all the odds to prove his worth and to be part of the draft which saw New York snap him up. He is not only a hard-working player but one with great in-game intelligence and excellent agility. A versatile player, Cashman can be used in special plays, all three downs or blitz packages, depending on what is needed. This will also give the Jets more options in defensive situations and help them win games.

Jachi Polite

Many think that this is one choice that will really work or fail in a big way. Of course, if it is the former, then Polite could help inspire New York towards a much better 2019. The big question mark is against his character rather than his skills, so it will remain to be seen how that pans out during the season. As with most of the Jets picks during the draft, he will help out their defensive game as a defensive end. At 6-foot 3-inches and over 250 pounds, Polite certainly has the physicality to make an impact on pro football. With 11 sacks and 6 forced fumbles last season, he could be a disruptive force for the Jets in 2019.

Chuma Edoga

As with many of the Jets draft picks, this one went a little under the radar as it was in the later rounds. However, it could be a very wise move by New York as it will see him team up with his old college teammate, Sam Darnold. If the Jets can find ways to help Darnold shine in 2019, then it will only benefit them. Probably set to play at left or right tackle, Edoga is an imposing 6-foot 3-inch, 300 pound plus figure.

2019 season will be boom or bust for Jets

There are two things that are true following the picks New York made in the draft. The first is that only one is pretty certain of working out – Quinnen Williams. In addition, they focused on the defensive nature of their game in order to really shore that up. This should help greatly in making them tougher to play against and help give Darnold more protection. The slight concern for some fans is around the draft picks outside of Williams. With most being in the later rounds, they are by no means certain to work out. As the above shows though, they certainly have the basic talent to make an impact and help New York towards a much more positive season in 2019.