08 Annual Football Pool

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Ladies and gentlemen, the new football season is upon us and it's time for our 8th annual Football Pool. This has been a tradition here on since 2002, and this season we will have a totally new redesigned Football Pool that's completely integrated with the message board and the rest of the website.

There's no separate pool registration this year, as you're already registered for the pool if you have an account on our message board. All you have to do is associate your message board account with the Football Pool by clicking just one button (make sure you're logged in to the message board and have "remember me" checked).

The scoring system is pretty straightforward and explained in the Guide section.

There are no prizes at this point, as we had in some of the previous years, but if merchandise goes on sale this season, the top 3 will receive t-shirts or hats. As of right now, however, this is just for the good ole' bragging rights.

No one has won Football Pool more than once, although the 2002 Pool winner, jetlaginca, came very close to accomplishing it last year when he finished second.

Good luck and enjoy!

P.S. Please notify me of any bugs you encounter. The same goes for any feature requests.

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