Playin' Like A Jet

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Playin' Like A Jet

On Sunday the New York Jets will take on their hated division rival, the New England Patriots, with the winner advancing to the AFC Championship Game. If the Jets play like we know they can, there's no doubt that the 9-point underdogs can pull an upset in New England. They certainly can do it if they "Play Like a Jet!"

Check out "Playin' Like A Jet", a 12th man anthem by Dave Jay (www.davejay.com), a New York based songwriter, comedian and entertainer.

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  • Danny@ATL – 01/14/2011 04:57:56 pm


  • AJayJay – 01/14/2011 06:35:09 pm

    Kinda gay, almost as gay as the Phins song with T-Pain. That bad.

  • jcluttrell – 01/16/2011 12:17:15 am

    Wow, that's horrible.

  • roboz08 – 01/16/2011 03:43:37 am

    i was able to withstand 40 seconds...i never want to hear that again.

  • GreenGreek – 01/16/2011 12:20:26 pm

    Not a big fan. This one is better. I just wished it wasn't all acoustic... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMXJdZNvW2g

  • GreenHornet27 – 01/18/2011 02:05:23 am

    wow, that was horrendously awful. thats 2 minutes of my life i will never get back.

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