October 2018

  • Sam the Man - Baptism by Fire
    October 2, 2018

    Sam the Man - Baptism by Fire

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    After a grand total of four games in his professional career, Sam Darnold is getting not so rave reviews from the armchair quarterbacks and even a few of those who should know better. The shop talk is that the Jets should have stayed put at No. 6 instead of trading up to get Darnold at No. 3 which meant that New York could have saved their sixth, 37th, and 49th picks in the 2018 draft, plus the Jets’ 2019 second-rounder from going to Indianapolis. The assets that general manager Mike Maccagnan traded to move up three spots is certainly open for debate, particularly because New York is not a team on the precipice of greatness but rather one that’s on the cusp of mediocrity.