Jets Regular Season

Same Old Jets strike again!

Admin - October 20, 2008

If you have been a fan of this team long enough, today's loss against the Raiders really should not come as a big surprise.  This is exactly the kind of game that the New York Jets have always had a tendency of losing. The Same Old Jets!!!

The Jets caught Oakland off guard starting their first possession with an empty backfield. Following numerous Raiders penalties and several completions to TE Chris Baker, the Jets moved the ball into Oakland's territory but had to settle only for a field goal, as the opposing defense finally adjusted to the hurry up shotgun attack. The Jets tried exactly the same offense on their second possession, but failed miserably, as they went 3 and out and were forced to punt from their own 20-yard line. Later in the quarter RB Leon Washington muffed a punt, which was recovered by the Raiders who tied the score just two minutes later, 3-3.

In the second quarter the Jets had an excellent drive deep into the Raiders territory but QB Brett Favre threw an interception into the end zone. The rest of the quarter was pretty uneventful as both teams failed to put up any points on the board (Oakland missed a field goal).

The Raiders took the lead on the first possession of the second half, easily marching down the field and scoring a touchdown against the soft New York defense that hardly ever put any pressure on Oakland's signal caller. The Gang Green tied the game in the 4th quarter when after a series of runs, which included a 36-yarder by WR Brad Smith, Leon Washington rumbled 11 yards into the end zone. Oakland answered with another scoring drive, making the score 13-10 with just three minutes to go in the period. Three plays from scrimmage later Favre threw another interception and the game sure seemed over, but using all three timeouts the defense managed to get the ball back with 1:24 left. Starting the drive from his own 5-yard line, Favre completed a 31-yard pass to WR Chansi Stuckey. Later Favre hit WR Brad Smith on an 18-yard pass to the Oakland 34 where PK Jay Feely converted a 52-yard attempt to send the game into overtime.

In the overtime period the Jets failed to capitalize on the seemingly gassed Oakland defense, as predictable playcalling once again turned out to be the Achilles\' heel of this Jets offense. Time after time running on the first two downs and then throwing on the third, using the same predictable formations - this coaching stuff just doesn't learn. And to make things "better" on the defense they kept rushing the quarterback , a first year full-time starter, with only three players failing to apply any pressure. With 2:30 remaining in overtime Oakland kicked the game winning field goal, 16-13.