Offense Continues To Struggle In The Afternoon

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Offense Continues To Struggle In The Afternoon

Not much has changed since the morning practice, as the Jets' offense continued to struggle in the afternoon session as well. QB Kellen Clemens opened 11-on-11 drills with a pass to WR Chansi Stuckey, which was picked off by CB Lito Sheppard. Clemens followed with three more passes to Stuckey, but completed only one of them.

Later in the session Clemens did complete a few short and medium passes, including short touchdowns to LB Leon Washington and WR Brad Smith, but continued to struggle under pressure and kept overthrowing his receivers. His highlight of the afternoon was a 41-yard touchdown strike to Stuckey. Unfortunately, the play was nullified due to a penalty on Smith.

QB Mark Sanchez wasn't much better, as he was also missing wide open receivers. One of his passes in 7-on-7 red zone drills was picked off by CB Marquice Cole, who then attempted a backward pass that was recovered by the offense. Earlier in the session, however, Sanchez did throw a short TD pass to RB Danny Woodhead who ran around LB Marques Murrell and scored.

QB Erik Ainge shined for a brief period, throwing two touchdown passes in a row. First, he connected on a 17-yard strike, and then on a short bullet pass to WR Paul Raymond.

Injured NT Kris Jenkins continued to work on his calf. His place in the middle of the defensive line was occupied by NT Sione Pouha. Early in the session CB Donald Strickland appeared to have injured his leg but was able to return a few minutes later.

Overall, as expected, the defense continued to dominate. The offense did show some signs of life here and there, but this is obviously not enough for a successful season. There's still plenty of training camp left and, hopefully, we'll see a much better offense on August 14th against the Saint Louis Rams.

Pictures from this practice session.

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  • gustoonarmy – 08/03/2009 01:12:55 am

    I hope this is just a case of the O not finding their mojo yet.

  • JETSFANNYC – 08/03/2009 04:46:35 am

    More like this is hopefully a sign of a stellar NFL defense that will create the same type of problems for opposing offenses.

  • JUNJOBX2199 – 08/03/2009 09:54:55 am

    Wouldnt it be crazy if Anige out shines Both Clemens and Sanchez.

  • Mississippi Jet – 08/03/2009 05:24:13 pm

    I wouldn't be surprised. He was fun to watch at UT.

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