Training Camp

Sunday morning practice. Clemens throws 3 picks

Admin - August 2, 2009

If this was another boxing round between QB Kellen Clemens and QB Mark Sabchez, it would have been scored 10-8 (usual score if there's a knockdown) in favor of Sanchez. Clemens threw 3 interceptions this morning and raised even more doubts about his place on the team. Fourth year in the league and basically no progress gotta tell you something!

The first interception came in a red zone drill when Clemens threw left to WR Brad Smith who was covered by CB Darrelle Revis. Revis read the play well, jumped in front of Smith and picked it off. The second interception was a low throw picked off by CB Drew Coleman. S Jim Leonhard recorded his 3rd INT of this camp, as Clemens was under pressure and about to be sacked by LB Bart Scott.

Mark Sanchez, meanwhile, threw a couple of short touchdown passes in red zone drills. Nothing spectacular really, but at least he wasn't getting picked off. It sure looks like the rookie is becoming more and more comfortable in this offense.

Rookie RB Shonn Greene got hit really hard by LB Kenwin Cummings in one-on-one blocking drills. Greene began noticeably limping, but later seemed to be ok as he continued to participate in the practice session.

Injured NT Kris Jenkins spent most of the practice pedaling a stationary bicycle on the sidelines. His left ankle was wrapped, but he seemed to be ok and should be able to come back to action within a few days.

Following a long kickoff return down the left sideline, RB Leon Washngton pleased the crowd by throwing a football in the stands. Also, both Washington and Sanchez took a lot more snaps with the first team than in the previous sessions.

Check out pictures from this practice session.