Jets Lose Kris Jenkins For Season

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Jets Lose Kris Jenkins For Season

If losing to the Buffalo Bills wasn't bad enough for the Gang Green, then losing NT Kris Jenkins for the entire season just made everything even worse. Jenkins was placed on season-ending injured reserve Monday with a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee.

According to Jenkins, it will be a few weeks before the knee is operated on so he can strengthen it and regain his range of motion. Jenkins said part of his hamstring would be used to replace the ACL. He expects to be ready for the start of the team's offseason conditioning programs.

Jenkins is the cornerstone of the Jets' defense and with this loss the already weakened unit will become even more prone to the running attack. He was also the only defensive lineman who has been able to get some kind of penetration on a regular basis. DT Sione Pouha will most likely take Jenkins' spot in the starting lineup. "He is the anchor of our defense," LB Bart Scott said. "Someone is going to have to step up and it can't be one man."

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  • NYJ2K09 – 10/19/2009 02:55:31 pm

    The guy is a flat out beast. This is a terrible loss. I am in depression mode right now.

  • Tolan – 10/19/2009 05:37:07 pm

    here u go sione, time to step up bigtime, this is why we drafted you

  • DbaJets – 10/19/2009 06:34:11 pm

    Playoffs are out.

  • NYjets2335 – 10/19/2009 08:09:50 pm

    I hate to be a downer, but theres go the season. Jenkins is not replaceable and easily the best player on the team. He will be severely missed. I hope he can make a speedy recovery and come back at full strength next season.

  • Cman50 – 10/19/2009 11:10:31 pm

    He needs to come back lighter than 360lbs. Jenk can be just as effective at 340lbs or lighter. He was having injury issues with his last team and being 360lbs can't help his back or now, his knee.

  • MrSportsNut – 10/27/2009 04:06:34 pm


  • MrSportsNut – 10/27/2009 04:08:51 pm

    Just saw the Kris launched his official Fan Page on Facebook. Some cool stuff on there now but he plans on sharing his progress as he comes back from the injury. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/Kris-Jenkins/209295113848

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