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Pathetic Jets choke again

Admin - December 20, 2009

Well, this was really nothing new for everyone who's been watching this team long enough. The same old Jets lost to the Atlanta Falcons, 7-10, after dominating basically the entire game. The so much heralded defense that kept Atlanta in check for almost four quarters gave up a touchdown drive right when it mattered the most. Just like they had given it up against Miami and Jacksonville earlier this season.

The Gang Green still had a chance to at least tie the game, as they got the ball back with about 1:30 left on the game clock. But did anyone really believe that QB Mark Sanchez was capable of delivering a good drive while being under pressure? I sure as hell did not. The outcome of the last Jets' possession was also pretty typical - yet another interception thrown by Sanchez, his third in this game.

It's been almost an entire season but Sanchez still doesn't seem to know when to throw the ball away and how to refrain from throwing into the double coverage. He's just not progressing, period!

Then,of course, special teams... a missed field goal, a blocked field goal and a muffed field goal snap. How can this team always find new ways to screw up? New players, new coaches, but the same old Jets never go away.

The Jets fell to 7-7 and are basically eliminated from the playoff contention.