Jets Go Back To Cortland. Do They Care About Fans?

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Jets Go Back To Cortland. Do They Care About Fans?

The Jets are expected to announce Monday that they will hold training camp at SUNY Cortland for the second consecutive year. Owner Woody Johnson and executive VP Matt Higgins will be in Cortland tomorrow morning for a news conference in conjunction with the governor's office.

Last year's camp was a moderate success but we do have to question the team's decision to hold camp that far away from its main fan base. While attendance was pretty good last year, the camp's atmosphere wasn't even close to what it had been in Hofstra. The novelty might also wear off this year, resulting in less fans and profits.

Back in the Hofstra days most Jets fans were able to attend the camp at least on weekends.  Now, for most Jets' fans in the tri-state area it takes a 4-5 hour one way trip to reach Cortland, making it an almost impossible task to attend camp without taking a day(s) off.

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  • 624 – 04/11/2010 10:20:21 pm

    Obviously Rex and company think that this helps the team..so I could care less about fans being able to attend if it makes the team better...

  • MarionBarber31 – 04/11/2010 11:00:18 pm

    If they really care about fans, their first priority is to WIN. It worked well last year, stick with it.

  • tforman – 04/14/2010 08:41:08 pm

    When will we know the dates in Cortland?

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