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Mangold and Revis expect contracts, Ellis won’t get one

Admin - May 13, 2010

Both CB Darrelle Revis and C Nick Mangold are looking to get their contract extensions signed before the start of regular season.

Revis, due to make $1M this season, is entering the fourth season of his 6-year deal. Despite having played out only half of his rookie contract, the All-Pro cornerback said that he could sit out training camp if he is not given a new contract, as he says was promised by the Jets.

All-Pro C Nick Mangold, who's entering the final year of his 5-year rookie deal, also is looking for a contract extension, and he said he spoke with his agent Wednesday night about talking to the team. "It's a sense of security for me," Mangold said. "I don't want to blow out a knee or do anything else drastic and not be able to continue on the way I want to. It's a big thing of having security coming into this year."

Meanwhile, DE Shaun Ellis has revealed that he is uncertain about his future with the team after asking for and being denied a contract extension. He told The Associated Press on Thursday that he's unsure if he'll even be with the Jets when the season begins in four months.