Clemens Agreed to a Salary Reduction

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Clemens Agreed to a Salary Reduction

With the idea of staying on the team, quarterback Kellen Clemens agreed to a salary reduction and will remain as a backup for Mark Sanchez this season, something to consider if you are a football betting fan, especially if Sanchez gets hit or something.

The Jets released now former No. 4 quarterback, Kevin O'Connell, last Monday and they tried to trade Clemens and his $1.1 million salary during the preseason but they failed, so Clemens ended up agreeing to a reduction to remain with the squad. Now his salary is about $635,000.

During Wednesday’s episode of HBO's Hard Knocks, Clemens voiced his frustrations over the Jets drafting Mark Sanchez in 2009 and then signing veteran Mark Brunell because the confidence in him was truly over. "I want one more fair opportunity to have a legit competition with some other quarterback for the starting job," Clemens said in the show.

Clemens was a second-round pick out of Oregon in 2006, but he never really developed as a decent quarterback in the league.

Mark Sanchez will enter his second year as a pro and now has the keys of a Cadillac just waiting for him to run it on that offense.

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