Favre's Off-field Antics Get Attention In Taiwan

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Favre's Off-field Antics Get Attention In Taiwan

We've all heard about the alleged voice mails and NSFW pictures that former Jets QB Brett Favre sent to Jenn Sterger, a former sideline reporter for the Jets. Last weekend, Deadspin released a video with several of the alleged texts and pictures, and the NFL has now fast-tracked the investigation of the gridiron legend.

This story has been all over the news and even reached as far as Southeast Asia where a Taiwanese company Next Media Animation produced the following video:

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  • roboz08 – 10/16/2010 10:25:33 am

    lmao!!!!! i love the wrangler jeans poster hanging up in the background

  • gustoonarmy – 10/17/2010 09:33:24 am

    haha, thats berriliant!

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