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Jets’ slide continues as they lose to Patriots

Admin - October 9, 2011

Just like a week ago, despite playing pretty poorly, the Jets still had a chance at the end. Just like a week ago, the Gang Green blew it. This time, however, it wasn't QB Mark Sanchez who gave this chance away. It was Rex Ryan's heralded defense that simply could not make a stop when they had to. They didn't even have to stop Tom Brady and New England's high-powered passing attack, as the Patriots just kept running, easily gaining 5-6 yards on almost every carry. The Ravens did exactly the same in the final quarter a week ago and they were as successful. Can't stop a nose bleed, Bart Scott?

The offense once again came out absolutely flat, going 3 and out on the first four possessions. This time, unlike last week, they weren't up against a top notch defense, as the Patriots were ranked dead last in total defense prior to this game. Yet it took the Gang Green almost 20 minutes to finally get a first down against them. When the Jets finally opened up their offense in the final quarter, they seemed having no trouble moving the ball down the field. So, why did it take this long? Why do the Jets open up their offense only when they have their backs against the wall? Is Brian Schottenheimer conservative by nature or do they just not trust Sanchez enough to put the game in his hands from the get-go?

Well, whatever it is, it's time to make a change. These Jets are definitely not a Super Bowl caliber team. They are not even a playoff caliber team if they keep playing like this. The time has come for Rex Ryan to finally shut up, stop making headlines, and spend more time trying to right this sinking ship instead. The next game against the winless Miami Dolphins might be just what this team needs to get their confidence back.

The good:

C Nick Mangold - he was back after missing the previous two games and what a difference did he make! The offensive line seemed to be a totally different unit with Mangold back at center.

RB/KR Joe McKnight - he continued to be one of the very few bright spots on this team. This time he had an 88-yard kickoff return that led to a Jets touchdown in the third quarter.

LB Jamaal Westerman - he started in place of Bryan Thomas, who's done for the season, and registered 2 sacks.

WR Jeremy Kerley - he got plenty of playing time, as WR Derrick Mason's days as a Jet might be numbered. Kerley caught 3 passes for 35 yards, 1 TD (the first TD of his NFL career).

At least we're not the Eagles...

The bad:

Secondary - can anyone in this secondary, besides CB Darrelle Revis, cover at all?

S Eric Smith - see above. He was just horrible giving up several big plays, including a 73-yard pass to Wes Welker.

Pass-rush - yes, they sacked Brady 4 times but their inability to consistently pressure the QB might be the downfall of this defense.

Entire offense - something has to be changed... period. They can't continue "warming up" for a quarter or two and then expect to win games.