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Jets lose in Denver as Sanchez throws another pick six

Admin - November 18, 2011

Well, this game looked like a sure win on paper, but in a typical "same old Jets" fashion the Gang Green imploded losing for the second time in five days and putting their playoff hopes in serious doubt. Just five days ago everyone was talking about taking over the AFC East and having a home playoff game. Now, the question is whether this Jets team makes the playoffs at all or it's time to rebuild again.

Even most devoted QB Mark Sanchez's supporters now should realize that Sanchez hasn't made any progress over the 2+ years in the league. The Jets would have won yesterday even with an average quarterback, with almost any quarterback that doesn't make deadly mistakes. Mark Sanchez, however, threw another pick six that tied the game for the awful Broncos and shifted the momentum. Denver's inept offense had started three times prior to that in the Jets' territory, scoring just a field goal and going three and out on the other two occasions. So, the chances are that the Gang Green would have still had the lead had they just punted the football instead of putting it in Mark Sanchez's hands.

Then, there was a third and 13 at midfield in the final quarter. The Jets inexplicably decided to go with a running play that resulted in a six yard gain and a punt. Denver received the ball at their own 5-yard line and the rest is, well, history. Tim Tebow's ensuing 95-yard game winning drive will be remembered for years to come as one of the most embarrassing moments in the history of the New York Jets. It's understandable when a team decides to protect their lead and goes for a running play on a 3rd and long in their own territory, but at midfield? Was this Brian Schottenheimer's stupidity or just lack of trust in Mark Sanchez's arm? Or was Rex Ryan so sure that his defense would have no problems stopping Tebow that he just chose to play not to lose?

Whatever it was, one thing is certain - drastic changes will have to be made for this team to have a shot at the championship. Mark Sanchez is surely not the quarterback that can lead the Gang Green to the promised land. The Jets invested a lot in the guy, built their offense for him to succeed, but he just can't do it without a dominant running game. He's good only for short slants and occasional deep throws set up by play action. But even then he misses wide open receivers, just like he misfired sure touchdowns to WR Santonio Holmes and TE Dustin Keller last night.

The Jets still don't want to admit that trading up for Sanchez and drafting him at #5 overall was a big mistake. But the sooner they cut their ties with him the better, as this defense will not be around forever.