In Rex We Trust

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In Rex We Trust

I can't contain my disappointment any longer over the fans that are on Rex's case. It is becoming redundant reading news articles, comments from readers, former players, media-types, et al, beating up Rex for, well – everything! Talking too much; over-rating his team; putting the "bull's eye" on the teams back; foot-gate; finger-gate; cussing and swearing. The list goes on and on, all accumulated over a short near-3 year period. The media pundits and fans of THIS team, let alone other teams, continue to pile on.

Attention Jets fans: RELAX.

Take a step back at look at the team's history in comparison to the last 3 years. After the coaching carousel that the New York Jets have experienced, living through 1-15, being the laughing stock of the league, lovable losers, 2nd in the city, and everything else we have endured, this fan base should be ecstatic to have Rex as our leader. He’s brought electricity to this team we haven’t seen since forever.

Everyone needs to take a step back from the vomit the typical media spews and the vitriol from opposing fan bases, and look at Rex for what he is. He's one of the best leaders, motivators, and coaches in the NFL. If the media and fan base don't run him out of town, he will be a legend in NYC and the NFL – and he may possibly achieve that without a Super Bowl win. Rex has made the Jets relevant, not just in the New York Area, but on a national - NATIONAL - scale unlike ever before. Namath's "Guarantee" was the next closest thing to national attention and considering the media channels then vs. now (twitter, internet, message boards, etc.), you can easily see how much further Rex has taken the Jets from local to national spotlight.

Rex is putting this team in a position to be a playoff threat every year. He's talking up his players instead of making them humble. That raises the players’ expectations of themselves and they also look to receive the accolades that Rex tosses out. You don't understand how much of a motivational tool that is. It is putting the players in a position to want to achieve and receive Rex's praise, be it behind closed doors or through the media. Obviously all this chatter and Super Bowl talk is also raising our expectations as well (more on this later), but the underlying theme is to get the player to give 100% and play up to or beyond their capabilities. Eric Smith is a prime example of this. Smith should be playing in the Arena league. Any other safety with his skill set, on any other team would have been cut long ago. But Rex is getting Smith to play to a level he never could achieve elsewhere because Rex makes Smith think he is Ed Reed.

As many of Rex's former and current players and coaches/colleagues have stated, whatever comes out of Rex's mouth is 100% what he believes. Everything said by Rex is genuine from his standpoint and believes it a 100%. He shoots from the hip but the words originate from his heart. If you read his recent book release, he mentioned this to the Nth degree. He supports his players, builds them up, hardly tears them down from our perspective, and gets the whole fan base believing that the Jets are winning the Super Bowl. Although it sounds like a lot of hot air, it’s not. He is doing to us what he does to his players - making us believe what he says is true. And there's nothing wrong with that. As his statement in Hard Knocks went, "...the best place to be is when expectations are high". He's infused this fan base and made us raise our own expectations of this team. When was the last time the Jets’ fan base has believed their team was a Super Bowl contender. 1998? Did we really believe that was possible with Herm at the controls? I didn’t. Mangini was cut from the same cloth Belichick was so we were hoping for Bill’s offspring. That didn’t work out as planned, did it?

I keep reading, "He's going to lose the fan base," "it’s empty words," and "I'm sick of Rex not making the right moves." He's a coach in the NFL for a reason, and I'm pretty confident when I say he knows more than any of us reading this. But if a percentage of the NY Jets fan base got their wish, Rex would be gone. So what’s the alternative to Rex? Who's a better choice? Bill Cowher? John Gruden? Really? You mean the Bill Cowher that took 13 years to get Pitt to the SB? The same John Gruden that took over a Bucs team that Dungy primed and groomed for him? Bill Belichick? Yawn - he got lucky with a top notch QB. I'm certainly not taking away from Bill; he's an excellent coach. However, you put a "Tom Brady" or a "Peyton Manning" on any team in the NFL and they will be perennial playoff contenders even with a defense full of Eric Smiths. Nobody wants to have any patience anymore and it’s all about now. So there are already low rumbles of a coaching change. And of course his 25 y.o. QB is getting the brunt of the dump him before he develops as a QB - we can’t wait mentality. That’s a whole different debate I won’t get into now.

This fan base has suffered a long time, but this team has finally found a leader that it can stick with and expect results from year after year. Of course there will be a down year here and there, but you have to accept them and expect them occasionally. But the Jets making an annual playoff appearance for the next 7 to 10 years would be an achievement in and of itself. It is understandable to want more than just a one-and--done team. But who would have thought a rookie head coach, with a rookie QB, would go to the AFC Championship Game, and then follow up their sophomore year with another appearance in the Championship game? Year three doesn’t look as promising but the Jets haven’t been eliminated from the playoffs yet either. Can Rex be the first coach in Jets history to reach the playoffs 3 years in a row? What if I could predict being in the playoffs nine of the next ten years with Rex as HC? I would think the older fans would sign up for that. I most certainly would.

After watching Rex at his press conferences, learning his coaching style, reading his book, watching his leadership DVD among other things, I know in my heart of hearts, this is the man I want leading our team. This is the guy WE want at wheel of the ship. Give him enough time and hope the chips fall in the right place, and the Jets may have a couple of Super Bowl wins as well in the near future.

In this win now and "what have you done for me lately" society we live in, it’s hard to have patience. I know, I’ve been salivating for a Super Bowl appearance for a quarter century. But I beg you, please have some patience. While we have our sights set on the road ahead, or looking for a temporary fix to a down year by replacing the head coach, we may just push aside or lose the best man, leader, and chance at a VLT we ever had in this team’s history.

In Rex we trust.

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  • MeanGreens08 – 12/07/2011 04:09:05 pm

    Amen... In Rex I trust. I get a kick out of other teams fans who hate on Rex. Knowing full well if the roles were reversed they would love him as much as I do. He is the best thing to happen to Jets football in a long time. If you cant see that your blind.

  • Royal Tee – 12/07/2011 04:22:20 pm

    Rex is the man. PERIOD.... to Hell w/the ESPN anal-ists. :p

  • xBleedingGreen62x – 12/07/2011 08:06:23 pm

    Couldn't agree more. I couldn't be happier of the job Rex Ryan and co are doing building this team. People lose sight that hes only been the head coach a little over 2 1/2 years. How in the world as a people living in NY can you not absolutely love Rex Ryan? Rex Ryan IS NEW YORK- Loud, Brash, In-your-face, tell it like it is person. That's exactly what New York is all about. REX FOREVER

  • jesterjetman – 12/07/2011 10:40:26 pm

    love it. its crap when "analysts" say he talks too much. why shouldn't he believe his team can win the big one. what else should he say- "hey team, just letting you know we are gonna go 10-6 this year and lose in the divisional round" seriously?

  • Burnz – 12/08/2011 12:16:34 am

    60% Winning % I'll take it. Anyone who doubts what he has done in a short time will be suprised

  • phubbadaman – 12/08/2011 07:45:00 am

    I couldn't be happier with Rex as the head coach for the Jets. Even if we miss the playoffs this year, he's done a hell of a job and I feel he is improving as a coach. When you need to cover a sport for 24/7, you will nitpick a coach, but any team's fan would change their tune if he was coaching their team.

  • Hobbes3259 – 12/08/2011 09:31:15 am

    Well said. Winningest Coach in Jets history right now. And let's be honest...The NFL schedule maker really stuck it to us this season. A 3 game road trip, starting by flying out west, then going to Baltimore for a night game, then to Foxboro. Fast forward, then we get a Sunday night game against New England followed by a Thursday night game in Denver. Think about that....Leonhard was right, that's pretty f***d up. After a Sunday Night game, they're probably getting home around 2, maybe 3 am. So in effect you are losing a day from being out all night. They have to travel on Wednesday, to be in town a day early. So instead of..say a Sunday afternoon game, a Nights sleep and 2 days to prepare...You basically get to go in Tuesday, Travel Wednesday, and Play Thursday. All so the NFL can put them on primetime 5 times this season. The price of being that good.

  • Wahoo – 12/08/2011 10:01:44 am

    The perception problem with Rex is of his own doing - he led us to believe that he could get more out of mediocore players than others could, and that is not proving to be true. As for "Rex changed the culture", before Rex we were a team struggling to make the playoffs, and with Rex we have been a team struggling to make the playoffs. I know 2+ seasons is a small sample, but lets win a division at least before we canonize him, ok?

  • gizmo253 – 12/08/2011 11:09:00 am

    @Wahoo. I get your frustration but imagine if we were in pretty much any other division in the league besides the NFC North?? You dont think 11-5 would have won any of those divisions?? The Seahawks were division champs last year at 8-8!!! Ill take what we have, especially since year after year we play the pats who continually put up 12+ wins a season

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