Rough final stretch awaits the Jets

Barry the Baptist - December 17, 2011

Most Jet fans would love to be in the situation that the Patriots are in come Sunday. Of course that is the very achievable scenario of winning just one of the next three games to claim a division title and more importantly the potential for a bye week and even more important at least one game in front of your fans in the playoffs. Only somebody who owns stock in a defibrillator company would feel comfortable with the situation the Jets are facing. It certainly is a daunting task that remains ahead of the Jets but they know they control their own destiny which may or may not be a good thing.

The first test is going to come Sunday in Philadelphia, a place the Jets have struggled against a team they have never beaten in the regular season. It’s a game where on paper the Jets could struggle, yes the Eagles are banged up but two key areas the Jets are getting beat are strength’s for the Eagles. Both stopping the run and slowing down a Tight End have been an issue for the Jets this season and LeSean McCoy and Brett Celek are going to be formidable foes for the Jets. The Jets do have a few things working in their favor, Mike Vick is still nursing injured ribs and the Eagles defense has been downright awful at times this season. One other factor is that it appears that more than a few Eagle fans have turned their backs on the “dream team” this season. How that effects the game will obviously remain to be seen.

Should the Jets survive that challenge awaiting them on Christmas Eve will be a matchup three years in the making. It’s a prize fight for New York City bragging rights and could deal a severe blow to the loser’s playoff aspirations. When the schedule was released many fans looked at this as a formality on the way to the playoffs, which might not exactly be the case. The Giants have shown that they are a high quality football with a very good pass rush. These are the teams that can give the Jets fits, they have a quick slashing running back and a bruiser who can move the ball in short doses. Eli Manning has taken the next step to become an elite quarterback and last week just proved that. They right now look like the only team in the NFC that can go into Green Bay and dethrone the Packers. They also could be the same December team they have been over the last few seasons and lose their next 3 to miss the playoffs. Either way this is a huge game for both teams for many reasons and neither will overlook the other.

The Jets close the season in South New York or Miami for those directionally challenged fans. This game could be for everything or it could be for pride. The Dolphins since going to Matt Moore have been much better although they still are not a good football team. This is a team the Jets should dominate on multiple levels however depending on the situation the game might not have any effect on the Jets playoffs chances.

This is going to be a very rough 3 week stretch for the Jets and their fans, there are no easy games. It’s safe to say in the minds of most Jet fans the playoffs have begun and the Jets are of the mindset of lose and go home.  One slip up and it will likely force the Jets to miss the playoffs for the first time under Rex Ryan. Nobody knows for sure what lies ahead of this team but one thing is for sure, you better secure that seatbelt because it’s going to be a white knuckle ride.