Does Sanchez Deserve the Blame?

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Does Sanchez Deserve the Blame?

There’s a lot of blame to go around for the offense’s woes this season. Mark Sanchez is usually more than willing to accept responsibility and the blame for these issues. But how much of the blame should be placed on Mark?

Going into the 2011 season, the Jets’ offense was overhauled. The Jets lost 3 receivers and their starting RT from the 2010 season. In their place was Plaxico Burress – who hadn’t played in 2 seasons, Derrick Mason – a 37 year old receiver, Jeremy Kerley – a rookie with a shortened offseason and Wayne Hunter – a 30 year old journey man who was once cut from Seattle after getting into a bar fight with his brother. What they lost was Braylon Edwards – a young receiver who provided a huge vertical threat, Jerricho Cotchery – always seemed to come up with a clutch reception, Brad Smith – a young receiver who had a vital role in the offense and Damien Woody – a rock solid piece to the offensive line.

What we have seen in 2011 are receivers who can’t get separation from their defenders and can’t put vertical pressure on the defense. We’ve seen an Offensive line struggle in pass protection - particularly at the right side where Woody held the fort for two years and run blocking. Add in an inconsistent running game and what you get is a tremendous amount of pressure put on Sanchez. With his postseason success, it’s easy to forget that Sanchez is only in his third season in the NFL. He still makes mistakes that most young QBs make, however it’s hard to deny that he has improved. Sanchez is currently 2nd in the AFC in passing touchdowns and led an offense that rates at the top in Red Zone scoring. The biggest culprit in the offensive woes this year is the O-Line. They have allowed 3 or more sacks in 7 games this year – it happened only twice in 2010. In those games the Jets are 2-5 and Mark has thrown 10 TDs to 9 INTs. In games where Sanchez was sacked 2 or fewer times the Jets are 6-2. In those games Sanchez threw for 14 TDs and only 6 INTs.

Another issue is the lack of the deep threat. Last year the Jets threw 11 passes that gained over 40 yards – 6th most in the NFL (tied with Green Bay and Pittsburgh and 1 more than New England) but this year only have 2 which is last in the league. The loss of Braylon Edwards contributes to this the most. Not only was he a deep threat down the field – he also opened up the underneath routes for Santonio Holmes who had a few big gainers off of the slant pass. Another area where the loss of Edwards is felt is in the running game. With no viable deep threat defenses are playing their safeties up which is causing issues for the running game. It’s easy to look at the offense’s struggles this year and want to place blame on the Quarterback. Unfortunately for that theory, when you dig deeper you realize that the issues lie elsewhere.

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  • broomulack – 12/28/2011 11:34:56 pm

    I agree in principle, but the kid's constant throwing into coverage, his seeming inability to look beyond his intended receiver, his happy feet - can it all be simply attributed to trying to make things happen? Or is he scared back there? I am in neither camp in the Great Sanchez Debate. I am undecided but cautiously optimistic that if the coaching staff can get its collective head out of its collective ass, he can be a good NFL qb.

  • Hobbes3259 – 12/29/2011 09:24:29 am

    Nice work. Given the history of the system he's in, he's performed about as well as anybody can be expected to.Doubly so when you factor in all the points you just made....

  • Barry the Baptist – 12/30/2011 03:25:11 am

    It's not entirely his fault but he makes some stupid throws and some very poor decisions once that 1st target is not there. That being said I'd like to see him with a guy who doesn't have the track record of being a QB killer the way Schotty does. The way Schotty kills QB's he should be a LB.

  • ajhorne25 – 01/01/2012 11:24:00 am

    He's had some real stinker games, that's undeniable, worryingly he doesn't seem to be able to read defences & isn't composed enough to make the right decisions at the right times. This isn't helped by the constant pressure on him as the O line is protecting him well enough & needs an upgrade, plus our running game has been poor (Greene isn't an elite rusher just a downhill warhorse so another position we need to upgrade). Sanchez ain't gonna be an elite quarterback any time soon but I can't see him being replaced though, too much invested in him, he'll be given one more season at least. Other areas of the team need addressing first like the two areas mentioned above, getting a decent pass rusher, finding a dependable slot receiver, changing the dodgy kickers (Folk just can't be relied on). Jets are at the moment an average team with some stand out players like Revis & Mangold... the roster needs a bit of an overhaul before next season that's for sure.

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