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Jets remain sixth on NFL team values list

Admin - August 14, 2013

The annual NFL Team Values list is out and the New York Jets are in the sixth spot, just like a year ago. Woody Johnson's team is valued $1,380M, which is $100M more than a year ago. The profits almost doubled - from $27M a year ago to $52.8M this year. The acquisition of QB Tim Tebow and the subsequent spike in merchandise sales certainly played their roles.

Here's the top 10 most valuable NFL franchises:

  Team Value Profit Last year
1 Dallas Cowboys $2,300M $250.7M 1
2 New England Patriots $1,800M $139.2M 2
3 Washington Redskins $1,700M $104.3M 3
4 New York Giants $1,550M $64.4M 4
5 Houston Texans $1,450M $81.5M 5
6 New York Jets $1,380M $52.8M 6
7 Philadelphia Eagles $1,314M $47.8M 7
8 Chicago Bears $1,252M $63.2M 8
9 Baltimore Ravens $1,227M $48.3M 9
10 San Francisco 49ers $1,224M $10.2M 11

The top 10 basically remained unchanged, with the exception of the Baltimore Ravens, last year's champions, who moved up from #11 to #9.

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