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Dennis Byrd dies in car crash

Admin - October 15, 2016

Dennis Byrd, a former Jets player, who has inspired so many people following his career ending injury, died in a car accident earlier today. Byrd broke his neck in a terrible collision with his teammate Scott Mersereau. He was initially unable to walk but eventually got back on his feet after extensive physical therapy.

Byrd, 50, was driving his Hammer H2 when a Ford Explorer veered across into his lane resulting in a head-on collision. Byrd died on the scene.

Byrd played in 57 games for the Gang Green, recording 28 sacks. He had 13 sacks in 1990. His number 90 hasn't been worn by any Jets player since his injury in 1992. The annual award that goes to the most inspirational player on the Jets is also named after him - the Dennis Byrd Award.

Rest in peace, Dennis Byrd...