Jets Preseason

Josh McCown settles into mentorship role

Admin - August 17, 2017

Signings are always contentious. You never know which athlete will live up to your expectations and which one will fall absolutely flat. More importantly, you never know which athlete will be accepted or rejected by the fans. Fortunately for everyone involved, there is no question over whether or not Josh McCown has injected value into the Jets. Naturally, one might wonder whether his presence will affect the betting lines for the New York Jets 2017 season.

Then again, it probably doesn't matter. Having played eight snaps in the Titans Preseason opening win on Saturday, some people think Josh left the game early. But anyone that understands the game could see just how engaged Josh continued to be.

Just look at what he has been doing with Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. At 38-years of age, Josh has shown no qualms about taking on a mentorship role. Like any athlete, that hasn’t stopped Josh from vying for the starting QB position.

But he knows there’s merit in the mentorship role he has been playing. And everyone can see it because Josh is so vocal. When you see him in action, you cannot help but look at him as another coach. He has been playing the game for so long that the perspective and experience he brings to the table can have a notable impact on the performance of athletes like Petty and Hackenberg.

He has the sort of firsthand knowledge that allows him to deliver practical wisdom. Of course, Josh McCown is careful to not step on the toes of the actual coach. According to Hackenberg, Josh's talents lie in his ability to provide a valuable external perspective.

It is easy to hear the same thing from a coach and ignore it, only for it to finally sink in because someone like Josh came up and said it. And it isn't just QBs that are singing Josh's praises. Everyone in the Jets seems to benefit from Josh's wisdom, whether they are a receiver or a running back.

The Saturday game was a great showcase for the type of advantage that Josh brings. The athlete spent a lot of time on the sidelines with QB coach Jeremy Bates, adding to his voice and keeping the troops marching.

Maybe the Jets knew what they were getting when they signed Josh. After all, Josh was seen doing the exact same thing during his Tampa Bay and Cleveland days. Josh doesn't try to do anything special.

He sees his role as that of an encourager. Josh knows how stressful the game can get. He understands the confidence that a QB requires to march onto the field and to deliver big plays. Josh also understands the disappointment that can descend when that coveted touchdown doesn't materialize.

Josh knows how tumultuous things can get on the inside. It is easy for some quarterbacks to simply give up and to stop putting their best foot forward. But that is where Josh comes into the picture to provide an overwhelming atmosphere of encouragement.

Only an athlete will understand the impact that Josh's few words of encouragement can have on the mind and on the body. Coach Todd Bowles will tell you how much he appreciates having Josh talk to his players when they are down. Josh is proving his worth several times over.