Super Bowl LII Prop Bets

Admin - January 31, 2018

The Jets finished the season with a 5-9 record. While it's nothing to brag about we have to keep in mind that in the eyes of many analyst they exceeded their pre-season expectations. One ESPN analyst even said they wouldn't win a game. The early 2019 odds have them at 100-1 to win the Super Bowl. Still sitting at the bottom of the pack but there is plenty to build on heading into the offseason and looking forward to the draft. While we wait to see how the team address a lot of the concerns we get ready for Super Bowl LII. For many fans a lot of the fun doesn't just involve the game itself but the hundreds of prop bets available on the game and the festivities. You can wager on just about anything!

You think that Donald Trump will tweet often on Super Bowl Sunday? Well, you can actually bet on that. Trump to send Over/Under 5.5 tweets on February 4 is one of the many props released by SportsBetting.ag. Their list of Super Bowl LI prop bets includes both straightforward and obscure side wagers.

The great thing about the Super Bowl is that it's an event that appeals to experienced and casual bettors alike. More conservative bettors probably want to focus more the outcome of the game itself or common props like who will be named the MVP while casual bettors and people who don't know much about football but like to bet, can predict if Justin Timberlake will wear a hat during the halftime show or not, just to share an example.

Speaking of straightforward bets, the Patriots are currently at -4.5 and the Over/Under for total points scored is set at 48. If you simply want to bet on who will win, the Patriots are at -213 on the moneyline while the Eagles are at +183.

As far as the odds for a specific player to be named MVP, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is the favorite at -130, followed by Eagles quarterback Nick Foles at +350. Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and his teammate, running back Dion Lewis are at +1200.

Make sure to check this SportsBetting.ag review for the latest odds. Below you will find some of the top fun and serious props for Super Bowl LII.

Top Fun Props

Color of Liquid Dumped on the Winning Coach
Blue +250
Orange +275
Yellow +280
Red +310
Clear/Water +400
Purple +1000

Super Bowl LII Nielson Rating
Over 145 Million Viewers -110
Under 145 Million Viewers -110

Will Tom Brady Wear a Bandage on his Throwing Hand?
Yes +170
No -200

Length of America The Beautiful
Over 1 Minute, 21 Seconds -140
Under 1 Minute, 21 Seconds +120

Pink's Attire During the National Anthem
Skirt/Dress +325
Pants/Shorts/Leggins -450

Pink Displays Cleavage During the National Anthem
Yes +300
No -400

Player/Coach Shown First During the National Anthem
Eagles +105
Patriots -135

Outcome of the Coin Toss
Heads -105
Tails -105

First Team Mentioned in a Donald Trump Tweet on February 4th
Eagles or #Eagles +200
Patriots or #Patriots +125
Neither +165

Team to Win the Coin Toss
Philadelphia Eagles -105
New England Patriots -105

Total Tweets by Donald Trump on February 4th
Over 5.5 Tweets -110
Under 5.5 Tweets -120

1st Justin Timberlake Song at the Halftime Show
SexyBack +400
What Goes Around Comes Around +650
Filthy +130
Rock Your Body +450
True Colors +600
Like I Love You +700
TKO +800
Mirrors +1000
Cry Me a River +1400
Señorita +1400

Britney Spears Performs During the Halftime Show
Yes +500
No -700

Top Serious Props

1st Accepted Penalty
Holding +350
Encroachment or Offside +500
False Start +600
Pass Interference +800
Unnecessary Roughness +800
Neutral Zone Infraction +1000
Roughing the Passer/Kicker +1000
Unsportsmanlike Conduct +1000
Intentional Grounding +1200
Delay of Game +1400
Field (any other penalty) +500
No Penalties +10000

Expanded Total Field Goals
1 Field Goal +800
2 Field Goals +425
3 Field Goals +275
4 Field Goals +350
5 or More Field Goals +200
0 Field Goals +1200

Expanded Total Touchdowns
1 Touchdown +2500
2 Touchdowns +1200
3 Touchdowns +500
4 Touchdowns +450
5 Touchdowns +350
6 Touchdowns +375
7 Touchdowns +600
8 Touchdowns +1000
9 Touchdowns +1400
10 Touchdowns +1600
11 or More Touchdowns +1400
0 Touchdowns +10000

Outcome of the 1st Pass Attempt by Nick Foles
Complete -210
Incomplete/Intercepted +175

Outcome of the 1st Pass Attempt by Tom Brady
Complete -220
Incomplete/Intercepted +180

Expanded First Score
Philadelphia Eagles Passing Touchdown +500
Philadelphia Eagles Rushing Touchdown +650
Philadelphia Eagles D/ST Touchdown +2500
Philadelphia Eagles Field Goal +350
New England Patriots Passing Touchdown +300
New England Patriots Rushing Touchdown +600
New England Patriots D/ST Touchdown +2500
New England Patriots Field Goal +290
Safety +5000

Odds to Win the Super Bowl MVP Award
Tom Brady -130
Nick Foles +350
Rob Gronkowski +1200
Dion Lewis +1200
Danny Amendola +1400
Jay Ajayi +1600
Brandin Cooks +1600
Zach Ertz +2000
Chris Hogan +2000
James White +2000
Alshon Jeffery +2500
Rex Burkhead +2500
Nelson Agholor +3300
Torrey Smith +3300
LeGarrette Blount +3300