Sign Cousins or Trade Up? Time for the Jets to Decide

Admin - March 13, 2018

Over the coming weeks, the New York Jets have a huge decision to make, and one that will determine their path in the future. Option one is that they sign Kirk Cousins to become their number one quarterback, a player who would come in and contribute instantly to the cause. Option two is that they move up the draft order through a trade, and land a top quarterback with their first round pick.

The Jets are in a position to be able to sign Cousins should they want to; they have enough cap space to bring him in. He would give them a top end quarterback right away, instantly making them a better team than they are right now. Cousins has thrown over 20 touchdowns, and over 4000 yards in his last three seasons with the Washington Redskins, stats that would be welcome in New York right now. However, all that comes at a price, and Cousins is reportedly asking for at least $40 million, perhaps more.

The second option for the Jets has a lot more risk attached to it, and that would be to draft a young quarterback in the 2018 draft. However, they may need to move up the draft order to be able to secure the player that they would like. They have Cleveland, Denver and The Giants ahead of them in the draft order right now; all three of those are in for a quarterback, either Kirk Cousins or one from the draft. By sitting in behind those, the Jets would be taking whoever is left on the board, and not necessarily the player they want.

Josh Allen looks like he could be the best fit for the Jets right now, but Baker Mayfield has been on the receiving end of huge praise, and could be the best quarterback to come from the 2018 draft. The Denver Broncos have been chasing Mayfield for a while now, but should they land Cousins then he would be off their radar.

One thing is for sure, whichever way the Jets decide to go, it is a decision that will shape their future. The latest bet365 NFL odds have the Jets +12500 to win the Super Bowl, showing just how far they have to go to become competitive again. Taking Kirk Cousins would improve the team instantly, and they should be competitive enough to pick up a few wins next season. A rookie quarterback may be the best move overall for the Jets, but ultimately that may mean another year or two suffering while their new team leader adapts to life in the big league.

Ultimately, we are unsure which direction the Jets will go in, but this is a decision that needs making soon. Taking Kirk Cousins would make them instantly more competitive, and help them to win games in the short term. However, a rebuild around a new young quarterback may give them the best chance of winning a Super Bowl, which is the ultimate aim for every team.