4 Reasons Why Jets Fans Will Love OddsMarket

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4 Reasons Why Jets Fans Will Love OddsMarket

The Jets just grabbed their new franchise guy in the 2018 Draft. Sam Darnold may have been the best rock slinger in the draft class. He shows poise and maturity on and off the field. Gang Green also, shored up the defensive front with some fresh young talent out of Fort Hays State in Nathan Shepard.

The team is moving in the right direction. That’s why it’s more important than ever to be able to keep up with anything and everything Jets. OddsMarket is a new tool that you can use to stay on top of the NFL this season. Here’s the overview.

Why it Should be of Interest to You

OddsMarket is a brand-new website offering free tools for sports fans to quickly track the betting odds and find the information they need regarding their team, a matchup, or event.

Live Betting Lines

Lines that are updated in real time while you are looking at your computer screen or mobile device is a useful tool, even for those who don't actively bet on games. It can help us with our fantasy action and also key us in on when to dig a little deeper into current events before the rest of the public.

Las Vegas tends to have inside sources who get information before it is released publicly. Let's use the Jets Week-1 game against the Detroit Lions to create a hypothetical example. The Lions opened as 6.5-point favorites against Gang Green. This makes sense, because the game is in Detroit.

Since the opening lines were released, the point spread has moved slightly to 7. This shows that a little bit of money has come in on the Lions. Now if we were to suddenly see a large dip either side, we would be clued in that something is off. Let's say that suddenly the lines move the other direction and the Jets are only 4-point underdogs. What happened? Who's sitting out for the Lions? Or what good news did the Jets receive to merit an instant field goal given back to them? Time to investigate.

Fantastic Data Aggregation

The site is new so the information collected is still being gathered (it will always be gathering data). But as time goes on, the data will get more and more complete, with more and more of it. Because the site is programmed to propagate data from Las Vegas and online betting sites across the globe, it will be taking line histories and historical data from head-to-head matchups to give users specialized information to help them gain an advantage against the sportsbooks. This kind of circumstantial football data is also a great way to get alternative angles for your DFS and fantasy football leagues.

Event Calendar

Right on the top of the page, in the header, you will notice a calendar icon. This is a handy tool for seeing easily finding results for games the Jets have already played and for pulling up information on their upcoming games.

Beyond the Jets and NFL football, you can use this calendar to browse sporting events around the world. You’re one click away from the most comprehensive global sporting events calendar … which is awesome!

Easy Navigation

There are plenty of other tools and reasons Jets fans will find OddsMarket useful. Plus, the site is clean, providing a simple user experience. Whether you are looking for a specific sport or the events calendar, live odds, game previews and predictions, or tools like calculators, you'll be able to find what you’re looking for with ease.

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