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Enough is enough, Bowles circus has to go

Admin - November 12, 2018

Another week, another disgraceful performance, another loss and Todd Bowles still has his job. If the pathetic showing against the Bears two weeks ago was bad, Bowles and Co. took it to an even lower level of ineptitude against the Bills in Week 10. The Bills, dead last In the division, had nothing to lose and came out fighting. First possession – two plays, 75 yards, touchdown. The Jets, on the other hand, were probably already thinking of the upcoming bye week. Once again there was no fire, no adjustments, no real game plan. It was Same Old Jets, Todd Bowles flavor.

Bowles is arguably the worst head coach the Jets had since Rich Kotite. He’s the only head coach since Kotite to never take the Gang Green to the post season (we won’t count Al Groh) and the only one with three straight losing seasons since Weeb Ewbank in the 60’s. Most would have been long gone by now but for whatever reason this man still has his job.

Those of us who have watched this team long enough have plenty to say about pretty much every head coach. Parcells was well, he was Bill Parcells. He almost took the Jets all the way and then ran out of luck with Testaverde when the Gang Green were destined to win it all. Herm Edwards was almost as bad as Bowles but at least his pressers were gifts that kept on giving. "You play to win the game", right? Mangini's lack of emotion was similar to Bowles'. But we'll always remember the Spygate and that one win against the Pats in regular season. Yes, the Pats then crushed us in the playoffs but at least "Mangenius" gave us some temporary hope. Rex Ryan was next. He brought in high expectations, limitless bravado, and two trips to the AFC Championship. Too bad he had a quarterback named Mark Sanchez.

Then, there was Todd Bowles. He gave us a short false hope in 2015. The Jets went on a five game winning streak, which included an overtime win against the Pats, only to lose to the Bills in Week 17 and miss the playoffs. It was a typical Same Old Jets loss. It was also the end of Fitzmagic and the last Jets winning season to date. What else? Todd Bowles' Jets have done absolutely nothing since then. There were no memorable wins, there's absolutely nothing to remember about Bowles or any of his teams. They were all as dull as their head coach.

It's been three years and the Jets just keep getting worse. The Jets should have cut Bowles loose after finishing 5-11 in 2016. Instead, they gave him a contract extension as a testament to their acceptance of mediocrity.

Will Bowles survive the bye week? Who knows. One thing is certain, he's done and his Jets team is going nowhere. He has to go for the sake of Sam Darnold. Unless, of course, the Jets want another first round draft pick to go to waste, one of many in their history. Meanwhile, the Jets are +5000 to win this season’s Super Bowl. Sports betting odds are always a good measure to determine how teams are valued at a given moment. Sports betting at 888 Sport NJ is one of those places, offering various bets on NFL football and many other sports.