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Bowles’ Same Old Jets find a way to lose sixth straight

Admin - December 4, 2018

It was yet another game to forget, just like entire Todd Bowles' tenure with the Jets. Even when the Gang Green took a 16-0 lead in the second quarter, most of us just couldn't help but think that the Same Old Jets would still find a way to lose. And they sure did. As the Jets had to settle for one field goal after another, the Titans slowly but surely kept cutting the Gang Green's advantage before eventually taking the lead with 36 seconds remaining in the game. Then, it was the expected Same Old Jets interception to end yet another disgraceful performance.

Bowles was furious and called out players for "dumb mistakes" after the game. But there's something fundamentally wrong when your team repeats the same mistakes pretty much every week. This time it was 11 penalties for 96 yards. It's hard to win football games when you can't score on offense and give up an entire football field length on penalties. There’s also something fundamentally wrong when your kicker has scored over 40% of your team’s points. Jason Myers has been having a career year but you need touchdowns to win games in this league.

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The offense, or lack thereof, is where the Gang Green's biggest problem really lies. There's an absolute lack of creativity and what looks like fear to take any risks even when losing. The Jets made three trips to Tennessee's red zone on Sunday and came out with three field goals.

It has been stated numerous times already that Todd Bowles has to go. He should have been fired on his way to the locker room on Sunday but it's the Jets we're taking about. The Packers fired their head coach when it became apparent that they would not make the playoffs for the second year in a row. Bowles, however, is still here, as his employers have accepted mediocrity, they have accepted the Same Old Jets.