How to bet on the New York Jets

Admin - May 28, 2019

The New York Jets appear to have some exciting things going for them heading into the 2019 season, with the team bringing in some new talent to go along with a promising young roster from the 2018 campaign. And with the Jets looking like a team on the rise, it's possible that more wagers will come in on Gang Green in 2019 than there have been in recent years. As a result, a brief guide on how to bet on Jets football is appropriate, for those who haven't had a reason to do so in a few years.

Where to bet on the Jets

What used to be one of the most difficult things about betting on the NFL is getting easier, as sports betting in US states continues to become legal more frequently. Finding a state to place a wager on the Jets is becoming less difficult regardless of what state a bettor is in. But most important is the fact that the Jets' home state is one where betting on the NFL is legal.

New Jersey was one of the first states to adopt sports betting after the ruling that made sports betting legal again in the United States. For Jets bettors, this means that they don't have to leave the team's state to find action pertaining to the team, making it easy for fans to place their bets on this exciting young squad.

How to bet on the Jets

To bet on the Jets successfully, bettors should evaluate a number of factors heading into each game. The most important thing, though, is to check any biases at the door. There will be some games this season where the Jets just don't have a great matchup against an opponent, for example. Avoiding wagering on the Jets in those instances is okay, as those choices can be smart from a financial perspective from time to time, even if the Jets are considered to be a playoff contender by some in 2019.

In terms of figuring out when betting on the Jets is smart and when it isn't, analyzing matchups is the name of the game. During the upcoming season, the team will have an improved offensive line thanks to the acquisition of former Raiders guard Kelechi Osemele. Osemele is going to give the Jets an advantage up front that they haven't had in recent seasons, which will make quarterback Sam Darnold better in his second year as quarterback. And understanding the games where that advantage will be most prominent is a key to betting not just as a Jets fan, but as a football bettor overall.

This season should be interesting for the Jets, as their quarterback is a year wiser and their defense should be improved by the addition of Quinnen Williams. That should make the Jets a favorite in more games this season, but the real question is how they perform in that role and if they can produce some winning results at the betting window for bettors.