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Rested Jets get destroyed by Eagles, 31-6

Admin - October 6, 2019

Adam Gase's Jets were supposed to come out rested and re-energized following bye week, instead they looked as flat as in the previous two games, falling 31-6 to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Gang Green is now 0-4, clearly on the way to a 0-6, or even a 0-7 start. It's hard to win games with a 3rd string quarterback and even harder when your offensive line gives up 10 sacks to a team that registered a total of 3 sacks in the previous 4 games. If you think that Sam Darnold led Jets would have fared better, you're most likely mistaken.

QB Luke Falk did look terrible but it would be foolish to blame him for the Jets horror show. It turned out he had not even taken any snaps with the first team before today's embarrassment. The Gang Green's offensive genius, Adam Gase, had Sam Darnold solely practice with the starting unit despite the quarterback's uncertain status.

Offensive game plan was hardly a surprise. The Jets went run, run, 3rd and long on the very first possession. The 3rd and long resulted in the first Eagles' sack of the game. Once again, instead of putting his 3rd string quarterback in a position to succeed, Gase went ultraconservative and paid the price. The Jets opened up a little on the second possession and did move the ball downfield. Then, Gase inexplicably decided to go for it on a 4th and 1 in the middle of the field. Did he think he had a Tom Brady behind the center? Well, whatever the offensive genius was thinking backfired, as the ensuing play resulted in a pick six, pretty much sealing the game in the 1st quarter.

The defense looked decent but once again there was absolutely no pass rush. Rookie DT Quinnen Williams recorded career high 5 tackles (4 solo) but did not do anything worth of notice. The other Williams recorded only one tackle and was invisible throughout the contest. CB Trumaine Johnson started after spending some time in Gase's doghouse. He had two tackles and played as poorly as he'd been since signing with the Jets, giving up plays and committing penalties.

The Jets are a train wreck and Darnold's eventual comeback is not going to fix it. It all starts with head coach and Gase is as inept as some of his worst predecessors. It's still a mystery how someone with two straight losing seasons and a one and out playoff appearance managed to beat out several more qualified candidates. But hey, these are the New York Jets we are talking about. Nothing should surprise us at this point.