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Jets hit rock bottom as they lose to winless Dolphins

Admin - November 3, 2019

It feels like the Kotite era all over again. It's been 23 years since the Jets coached by Rich Kotite finished the 1996 season with their worst record ever, 1-15. Today's embarrassment in Miami, against the winless Dolphins who many thought were just tanking the season to get the number one draft pick, is the rock bottom all over again. These Jets are bad, they are Kotite bad.

Once again, the so-called offensive genius, which is Adam Gase, had absolutely no idea on how to exploit one of the worst defensive units in football that had been giving up over 400 yards per game and league worst 34 points per game. The Jets gained just a little over 300 yards and committed 10 penalties for 105 yards along the way. QB Sam Darnold, who was expected to take a step forward under Gase's brilliant guidance, once again was picked off in the red zone. It was the moment when the Jets should have given the ball to their top offseason acquisition, RB Le'Veon Bell, one of the best running backs in the game. But for who knows what reason, Gase did what Gase usually does... tried to outsmart everyone and lost.

Just like one week ago against the Jaguars, the Jets executed a perfect opening drive and looked like a totally different team afterwards. While opponents make adjustments as games progress, Adam Gase's team goes downhill. The Gang Green effectively used WR Jamison Crowder in the first half, then for whatever reason he didn't have a single pass thrown to him in the second half until the last possession in the fourth quarter. We all know that the offensive line is abysmal, yet Gase once again refused to make their job easier. Instead, he stubbornly kept calling plays that were putting pressure on Darnold and had very little chance of succeeding.

Good coaches study their opponent and adjust their game plans accordingly. "Geniuses" like Adam Gase stick to what they think must work and keep failing. They don't feel embarrassed either after being defeated by a winless team with a rookie head coach. “It’s the NFL, man. You can’t be embarrassed by this sh*t,” the offensive genius said at his postgame press conference.

It's not all Gase's fault though. He should have never been hired in the first place. The Jets had plenty of candidates way more qualified than the former Dolphins head coach who now has more career double digit losses than total wins. The Johnsons are as inept as the people they hire. They don't seem to care much either. Why should they? People still buy Jets merchandise, attend training camp practice sessions, and go to games where they pay for overpriced food and more merchandise. It's kind of like when you produce a crappy product and people keep buying it no matter what. Why would you want to make the product better if you're still making money?

Adam Gase should have been fired after today's fiasco. He should have been fired right there in Miami and fly back commercial. If the "Fire Gase" chants after the game did not make Chris Johnson finally come to realization that he made a colossal mistake when he hired Gase, then nothing probably will. The Jets kept Todd Bowles for four season and extended his contract after two 5-11 season in a row. We can only hope the inept Johnsons won't put us through this misery again. Gase has to go! He has to go now!