Disgruntled fans start funding campaign to get Gase fired

Admin - November 4, 2019

The same group of Jets fans who put up the Fire Idzik billboards a few years ago have started another billboard funding campaign - #FireAdamGase. The goal is to raise $25,000 to "get another round of billboards up and planes in the sky, so that we can deliver ANOTHER unforgettable message to the Johnsons that Jets fans are united in this cause."

It's Monday, the day after probably the lowest point in the entire history of the New York Jets, yet Adam Gase is still employed by the Jets organization despite proving time after time, week after week that he's not capable of being an NFL head coach. As Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts pointed out earlier today, Gase has quit on this team. He quit when he sat all alone on the bench looking at whatever he was looking at on his tablet. He quit when he didn't call a timeout and let the clock run with about three minutes left in the fourth quarter. He didn't feel embarrassed afterwards either. Why would he? He has more double digit losses than total wins as head coach. Yesterday's disgrace was probably pretty normal by his standards.

We've all heard "level headed" fans and pundits say that "you don't fire head coach half way through the season." The thing is it can't really get any worse. This is rock bottom. The sooner the Johnsons realize that the better. We can only hope. #FireAdamGase