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Jets fire Gregg Williams

Admin - December 7, 2020

Well, it didn't take long. The Jets have announced that they fired defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Williams inexplicably called a blitz, allowing the Raiders' to score the game winning touchdown and rob the Jets of their first win of the season. It's pretty clear that the Jets should have dropped 8-9 people back, played prevent defense and lost the status of the worst team in the league. Instead, Williams did what he did. The Jets (0-12) lost again and are still one game ahead in the race for #1 draft pick.

If the Jets do end up with #1 draft pick and QB Trevor Lawrence, they should really commemorate Williams instead. It will be another blow to the cursed franchise if they don't end up with the chance to select potentially the best college quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning. If anyone can change the Gang Green's fortunes, it's Lawrence. He's a once in a generation prospect and if drafting him does not turn the Jets into a contender, then nothing probably ever will.

Just four more games to go. Then, please fire Adam Gase.